[CLOSED] A Major Qantas Escort @ KSFO - 251100ZJUN16

Hi folks, Qantas Virtual is still running its anniversary & this time we are visiting San Franciso! This week we hope to hold a major escort of the Qantas A380! Make sure to keep reading for more information. Virtual Airlines invited will be listed in the Anniversary topic, located in the VA category.

Server: Advanced

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1100Z

Route: Depart KSFO - Touch & go at KSCK, return to KSFO.


  • F-14
  • F-16C
  • F-22
  • Cessna Citation X

Parking: KSFO - B

More in Depth Times:

  • New York - 7:00AM

  • Melbourne (Australia) - 9:00PM

  • GMT - 11:00AM

  • Singapore - 7:00PM

  • Pacific (California etc-) - 4:00AM

The Escort

The escort will begin at KFSO with an Airbus A380 Qantas. Each pilot attending must fly one of the listed aircraft in the section above to participate. Pilots are required to stay in the group through out the flight.

The Qantas A380 will be led by a Qantas Virtual staff member & will be position itself near the front or middle of the pack. Through out this journey pilots are allowed to come close to the A380. At exactly 1100Z the A380 will pushback from the park & begin the flight. Pilots are allowed to speed ahead of the A380, but remain inside the pack.

The flight plan will be provided by Qantas Virtual Staff. Now it might be the advanced server but reporting other pilots is not necessary unless there behaviour is not what a participant should be doing.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

Regards Oli H


We are happy to say that the Group TFS will be rounding up some members and joining us on this event!


IFES will be joining in.


Hey skylines.

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Hi Temi! I see you found the event topic, I hope you can make it?


The event will begin in a few hours make sure to get prepared and ready.

Will there be a communication over Zello, Skype or anything like that?

I will be coming should be cool.I can participate even if I am not on the Qantas virtual team correct?

Event is in exactly 40 minutes from now guys!

Hope you guys can come down and have some fun!


Will started the Event 10 min before???
@Skylines @CaptainDawud

The event will kick off on the dot, we will be on site early on yes.

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Good will waited

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Already? What’s you callsign??

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20 minutes left guys!

I will be the Qantas A380 so please escort me.

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Flying around KSFO currently on playground… Need 15 min more flight time to join advanced!

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What’s your call sign?

Callsigns do not exactly matter unless your a VA member. This event is now active and will begin at 1100Z on the dot

My QFA132 callsign

Mine is IFAU02. Do we park anywhere at the B terminal?
I might have to meet up at KSCK, I need just a bit more flight time :-(


Should start exactly now :-D
And heaps of people are meeting up in playground with fighters and A380s… :-/