[CLOSED] A Greek Flyout@LGIR 281500ZSEP19

A Greek Flyout
Welcome to my first ever event! We will all flyout of Iraklio and fly to the respective destination.

Server: Expert

Airport: Iraklio Airport

Date and Time: 2019-09-28T15:00:00Z2019-09-28T16:00:00Z

NOTAM: In the most unlikley event of IFATC being active; follow instructions. In other case be mature on the unicom.
Stand- Airline/Aircraft- ICAO- City- Attendee

G01- TUI- B738- EDDV- Hannover

G02- S7- A319- UUEE- Moscow

G03- Norweigan- B738- ESSA- Stockholm

G04- Easyjet- A319- EGKK- London @TheOtherOnesMika

G05- Austrian- A321- EDDM- München

G06- WIZZ- A320- LHBP- Budapest

G07- Aegan- A320- LGAV- Athens

G08- SAS- B737/A320- ESSG- Gothenburg

L01- Ga- XCub- LGST- Crete

L02- Ga- TBM930- HECA- Cairo

L03- Ga- C208- LGSR- Santorini

You are responsible for your own flight planning, navigation planning etc.

If you wan’t to join us, just write the gate. More gates will be added if needed.

You spawn if in a good time early, file your fpl and get the aircraft ready, I will pushback first, then you can pushback.

                         Happy Flying!

Easyjet to London City? 🤔

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Does this airpor have no wide body aircraft?

Oh, darnit, wrote the wrong airport. Sorry.

No it does not…

Please signup in advance! Signup will close 2hr before event start.

I am very sorry you have a low turnout for this event. Some advice for future events: Change the server to casual or training so more people can join, let the pilots choose their routes (especially since this is a smaller airport), or consider adding a twist (anything that will make your event different from other ones). Hope this helps!

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