[CLOSED]A Flyout at Narita - @ RJAA -11100ZSEP18

No no, I meant Arrivals ATC

Oh,sorry,that’s great! Thanks for being ATC!

Oo sorry my bad , ok gate 15

Gate 221, in FedEx B77F, callsign FedEx 1234, bound for Memphis International (KMEM). By the way, is it 1200Z or 1100Z? Cause 1200Z is not 7pm as the time says.

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Hey @SimpleWaffles just wanting to confirm the time for this event. Is it 1100Z or 1200Z?

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I would love to come, but it’s 5 am where i live :(

Gate 51 please! I’ll be in an ANA A321 (callsign: AN345) bound for Osaka

@Calib_Wilson @iSxythe sorry about time mistake,I fixed it,I converted to London time by mistake. Correct time shoul be 1100Z.

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Sorry about that,but I hope you can come next time!

Count me in brother.

Ok,tell me your info please.

My Flight:
Gate 12 (T1)
Boeing 787-10
Destination: Sydney


Gate 61
JAL 789


*Virtual Blue’s codeshare ftight

Hi Can I get gate 222. FedEx 777f FX1609 bound for PANC anchorage

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Gate 413//Fedex 556 Heavy// to KSFO// FX556//MD-11F

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@SimpleWaffles Could you change mine to Gate 205, FX2401 to RJBB in a FedEx B77F? Thanks!

Ok no problem @Clocktapus!

Hi there unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to make it something came up so you can take me off the list. Thank you

Ok,unfortunate,that you couldn’t come. I couldn’t come too because of unexpected violations. Hope that you can come next time!

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Could I have gate 63

JAL 787-9

JL9 to Boston