[CLOSED]A Flyout at Narita - @ RJAA -11100ZSEP18

Server: Training

Airport: RJAA

Time: Saturday, September 1, 2018 11:00 AM

NOTAM: Please spawn 10 minutes before the scheduled event time. When flying real life routes,please use the same aircraft as in reality. Also act mature and please be polite to other players,and listen to all ATC instructions.
Welcome to the biggest flyout at Narita Airport to date! Narita International Airport(成田国際 空港) is the main airport serving Tokyo,but it shares traffic with equally busy Haneda. With most major airlines,passenger and cargo,flying to Narita,it makes a truly international gateway to Japan.



Terminal 1

(Aeroflot,Aeromexico,Air Canada,Air China,Air France,American,ANA(International and Domestic),Air New Zealand,Asiana,Alitalia,Delta,Ethiad,Ethiopian,Eva Air,Garuda Indonesia,KLM,Korean Air,Peach Aviation,Singapore,Thai,Turkish,United,and Vietnam)

Gate 11:@MrVladFeed United 787-9 UA838 to San Francisco
Gate 12:@Pingu ANA 787-10 NH879 to Sydney
Gate 14:@SimpleWaffles Delta 777-200LR DL296 to Atlanta
Gate 15:@NAGI_IBRAHIM_HAMID Saudia 787-9 SV456 to Jeddah
Gate 16:@esant_15 United 777-200ER UA902 to Honolulu
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 21:
Gate 22:
Gate 23:
Gate 24:
Gate 25:
Gate 26:
Gate 27:
Gate 31:
Gate 32:
Gate 33:
Gate 34:
Gate 35:
Gate 36:
Gate 37:
Gate 38:@Chris_Mark_Sedillo1 Philippines 777-200ER PR431 to Manila
Gate 41:
Gate 42:
Gate 43:
Gate 44:
Gate 45:
Gate 46:
Gate 47:
Gate 51:
Gate 52:
Gate 53:
Gate 54:
Gate 55:
Gate 56:
Gate 57A
Gate 57B
Gate 58A
Gate 58B

Terminal 2

(Air India,American,British Airways,Cathay Pacific,Cebu Pacific,China Airlines,JAL(International and Domestic),Emirates,Philippines,P.I.A,S7,Scoot,Qatar)

Gate 61:@Ren JAL 787-9 JBU5008(codeshare) to Boston
Gate 62:
Gate 63:@Cwilliams21 JAL 787-9 JL9 to Boston
Gate 64:
Gate 65:
Gate 66:
Gate 67A
Gate 67B
Gate 68:
Gate 71:@Hinata JAL 787-9 JL12 to Dallas
Gate 72:
Gate 73:
Gate 74:
Gate 75:
Gate 81:
Gate 82:
Gate 83:
Gate 84:
Gate 85:
Gate 86:
Gate 87:
Gate 88:
Gate 91:
Gate 92:
Gate 93:
Gate 94:
Gate 95:
Gate 96:
Gate 97:
Gate 98:
Gate 99:


(Aero Logic,Air Bridge Cargo,Atlas Air,Cargolux,FedEx,Lufthansa Cargo,Nippon Cargo Airlines,UPS)
Gate 201:
Gate 202:
Gate 203:
Gate 204:
Gate 205:@Clocktapus FedEx 777F FX2401 to Osaka
Gate 206:
Gate 207:
Gate 208:
Gate 209:
Gate 210:
Gate 211:
Gate 212:
Gate 221:@iSxythe FedEx 777F FX1234 to Memphis
Gate 222:@JerseyAnt FedEx 777F FX1609 to Anchorage
Gate 223:
Gate 224:
Gate 225:
Gate 226:
Gate 231:
Gate 232:
Gate 413:@C0SMIC FedEx MD-11F FX556 Heavy to San Francisco

To sign up,simply tell me your gate,airline,aircraft,and destination.I may not be there to sign you up though,so check through the comments to make sure nobody took your gate.(Example:Gate 232,in FedEx 777F,callsign FX273,bound for Memphis)
I hope to see you there!


Is the time zulu?
And finlly japan!!


Yes at 1200Z(8:00 PM Japan time)


Ok! I will go check the flights now:)


Gate 62 please! With JAL B787-9 doing JL8 bound for Boston(KBOS)


Okay! Got you on the list!


Can’t wait!
I am so happy that it’s at 8pm and not like 3am for people living in japan!!


I feel u lol,I’m back in the states by then

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Argh I’m so bummed
If this was Saturday in the U.S ,I would be able to attend 😔
Love Flying Around RJTT and RJAA

Speaking of RJTT,It would be cool to have a flyout from both airports.
So not only Narita but Haneda(羽田)

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May I take Gate 14 please at Terminal 1 with Alitalia B777 (callsign: AZ785) inbound for Rome FCO. Thank you!

Gate 11A, United B787-9, bound to SFO

Can I have gate 16, United B772, callsign UA902 bound for Honolulu.

Next time I’ll try to make the time compatible for both in Japan and you. But what’s your time zone,I might be able to match I with that. Is Charlotte in NY time?

Yeah Charlotte is Eastern

It’s hard to connect the opposite sides of the world into an event

I can do ground and tower for this event @SimpleWaffles


Thank you,now we just need approach and departure!

gate 13 terminal 1 , in Saudia 7879. callsign SV456 , Bound for jeddah

There is no gate 13… I’ll write gate 15.

Any chance I could be Arrivals?

Ok,that’s fine,where are you coming from? With aircraft and call sign.