[CLOSED] A Caribbean Flight @ TNCM - 191300ZAUG17

Server: Training Server

Region: Carribean

Airport: TFFR-TNCM

Time: 1300Z

NOTAM: Come in a Carribean Airlines 737-8 and fly from Point-à-Pitre to Sint Maarten.

Copy flight plan from me, Carribean Airlines 420, on the day.


Parking Gate 11: sirpilotofaviation
Parking Gate 12A: @Dr_Danniel_MD
Parking Gate 14: @FDemon
Parking Gate 15: @nathan_reid
Parking Gate 16: @BAC007JAM_GAMING
Parking Gate 17: @Eleyeh_Said
Parking Gate 18: @Captain_glen
More will be added if needed.

Cruise: FL180, Climb at 3000 fpm, descend at -1800 fpm, descend when 60 nm out.
Climb at speed of 240 kts, then when above change speed to 340 kts.

Once at TNCM, please park together for group photo

If I am missing anything please tell me. Hope you can attend!


Cool event but sorry, I can’t make it.


It’s fine, don’t be sorry, hopefully you could make it next time


Thank you, I’ll be there.


Will be there! Looking forward!


I’ll give you a gate

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Anyone else coming? I know it’s in a different time zone from most players, just hoping for more participants.

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I will do it
What time do you guys start


We start at 1300 UTC time @nathan_reid

I will be there with a Lufthansa

Can i have a gate please

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@123mgd as said above please come in a Caribbean 737 otherwise do not attend

Yes!! ^^ Boeing 737-800

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Fine i ain’t coming…

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Should I give you a gate?

I’m coming ✌, can i have a gate ? Thanks 😉

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Wait can I have a flight plan

Like I’m new so I want to make an account but it doesn’t let and I want to try stuff with y’all so can you help me to make an account

I’ll have a a flight plan so you can copy from me, Carribean 420

I’ll be there! Could you reserve me a gate?

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