(closed) [90 attending!] [41 gates left] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


You’re in…see you there


Can I get Terminal 4, Gate 29 to EGLL please.


You’re signed up thanks for attending


@Matthew_20204 is there a singapore airlines gate?


oh i see :(((((


Oh no there is a flight but then you need a stopover in Frankfurt


yep sign me up KJFK-EDDF-WSSS 77W, SVA305


It’s with a A380


it will be a Singapore 77W btw


u can put me up on terminal 3, 5, 7 or 8. Singapore Airlines is available at these terminals @Matthew_20204


okay sure its fine


But can I sign you up for a A380 gate


yeah ofc no problem. Much appreciated man


I will take gate 14**


Ok I’ll sign you up for gate 11 terminal 1


What terminal


thank you so much @Matthew_20204


I will take the Alitalia flight to Rome at T1! Thank you!


Great see you there


Once i get to expert in the next couple of days i will take the air India flight to VABB. I will let you once i join the server which is gate 34 at Terminal 4 Concourse B