(closed) [90 attending!] [41 gates left] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


I’ll take a gate at the terminal please.


You’re added,thanks for attending


Could I actually have terminal 7 gate 6 instead? Sorry for the change


No problem


Thank you!


Can I take gate C67 (T2)?


I’ll take T5 Gate 28 KJFK to KRSW (my home airport)


@757fan @ActnJaksn239 you’ve been added thanks for attending


Could I get gate 2 at terminal 8


Can I get a JetBlue gate to KBOS thanks!


@Niklas3 @AviationGaming you’ve been added see you there


Still 20+ gates left!!! Please sign up so we can fill up KJFK

And if there’s any ATC that is willing to control the event please leave a comment


I’ll grab gate 63 - MIA, please.


Youre added thanks for attending


Can I have a 737-800


Southwest to lax


Sorry Southwest doesn’t fly out of KJFK just pick a gate from one of the terminals


Could I put I put myself down for gate 44. That’s the American 777-300er inbound to SAEZ. Thx for the event.


Thanks for attending, I’ve added you


Terminal 2 gate 60 plz