(closed) [90 attending!] [41 gates left] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


What gate do you want


Put me down for terminal 5 hardstand 07!

JFK-Montego Bay Carribean Airlines 737-800


I can sign you up for gate 4 at the terminal


I just had something pop up sorry! Wish I could be there.


No problem you can join my Seattle event if you want


If you haven’t joined my other event please join if you can I’d really appreciate it


You still have about two days left to make 100 in this one… so you’ve already proven to be a good promoter


Is it possible to get T2 G65 but to KORD?


Sorry but can I change my gate to 30 Jetblue A320 KMCO instead? Thanks


I can sign you up for Gate 65 terminal 2


Sure ill change it for you


I’ll take T7 gate 6.


I see gate 6 is already taken don’t know if you meant 5


Yes I did sorry.


Can I change my gate from gate 2 terminal 5 to gate 32 with Egypt air going to HECA in terminal 4 concourse B


I’ll change it see there


Can I change my gate to 41 in T4
Delta A330 to KSFO pls


I can’t attend because it’s on expert.


I’ll change it for you


Mind if I switch my aircraft to a B739? I’m in terminal 2.