(closed) [90 attending!] [41 gates left] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


Can i get terminal 8 gate 5 to KMIA? I know it says cancun but is MIA ok? if not then ill fly to MMUN. Thanks!!!


I’ll take this gate please


I’ll take this one please :
06A Jetblue A320 KMCO

Thanks !


Thank you @Zachary_Bernstein @DEN_Airport @Alboss for Attending you’re all signed up


Don’t think I would be able to complete this flight but I can try T1 Gate 10 Azerbaijan 787-8 to UBBB


Hi Matt
Great event!
Could I take Terminal 5 Gate 08 to Buffalo?


I’ll take terminal 8 Gate 35


hi can I have terminal 5 gate 19 to MKJP


Hi Matt
I was thinking that with so many aircraft trying to pushback and depart JFK all at once would it be possible to issue departure times to space it out by gate? Even with a 2 runway setup it could be awhile before all planes can takeoff.
Just a thought.
Thank you


I’ll take terminal 8 gate 16 to Orlando please


I’m interested in the event can I get Terminal 8 gate 35


Terminal 4 Concourse B, fly out to OLBA with A320 OR A330 depending on release.


Hey! Could i get T5 G8 to Buffalo please


Hey, just wanted to clarify, 4pm EST. Right? Thanks!


Ok perfect I’ll will take gate 20 to New Orleans thanks see you there


All ready taken sorry


What terminal


Sorry there’s no such gate


@Marco_Rdz @Darkeyes @Ryan0479 @Christian_Schneider @wingmandude you all are signed up see you there


i might be able to come