(closed) [90 attending!] [41 gates left] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


@Chindle_1204 @Lufthansa2 you guys are in thanks for attending


Let me take gate 06B JetBlue to MMUN thanks


I’ll take T2 - 67 Delta A319 KPBI.


@jonspacepilot @Krunchy_Toast you’re signed up thanks for attending


I´d like T5 gate 6 please


You’re in thanks for attending


@Matthew_20204 can I request a gate change to Termianl 8 gate 06 down to KMIA


Yeah I’ll change it for you


Can I take T7 gate 11 All Nippon Airways 787-10 to RJTT


Gate 25 T4 concourse b to Zurich please


@MarkusNOR17 @SwedishFlyer you’re signed up thanks for attending


Can i get any gate. Turkish Airlines 777 to LTFM.
Thank you


Sorry Already taken but there’s still a lot of international flights left


Can I do a flight to Islamabad Pakistan, OPIS. Turkish Airlines 777 or Qatar 787.


Just check what flights are left at the terminals cause all those flights are taken or it doesn’t exist


So can i do a flight from KJFK to OPIS via LTFM/LTBA Whichever one is better. Turkish Airlines 777


I hope the Live Replay comes out before this event so I can make a video with my flight!


Terminal 4 concourse A volaris a319 please


It has to be a real life route all the routes are in the thread


You’re signed up see you there