(closed) [90 attending!] [41 gates left] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


bro, can not we open add one more flight to Panama? Copa Airlines 737-800, sorry for my English


Sorry but there’s no Pan Am flights


But then you should change you’re gate but there aren’t any gates left to KSAN or TNCM


I can change an American gate to KSAN if you want that


Sorry there’s no more flights left to panama


I’ll take this!


What are some of the routes you will be doing?


There’s a lot of routes pick on from the terminals


You’re in thanks for attending


Well… I want the gate 03 to SKBO, 787-8 Avianca, please


Thanks for attending your signed up


Ok then. I’ll stick to the original flight.


Can you add the China Airlines route if you cant book me the kenya airways flight to hkjk thanks.if you can add the China Airlines routes book me to it instead of Kenya airways


China Airlines gate already taken so I’ll add you to the Kenya airways gate


I’ll take gate 30 in Terminal 4 to VIDP!


Sure thing see you there


I’ll go gate 45 Terminal 8. American 787-9 .KJFK - SBGL. Thanks. 👍


Terminal 4 Concourse B Gate 22 Asiana A380 KJFK-RKSI
btw can the aircraft be a 777-200ER because irl they use a A350-900


@Matthew_20204 I will take gate 43 terminal 8 callsign will be American 112 Heavy, thanks👍


Hey, is this at 4 EST? If so, the time in the title is wrong. It should be “162100ZMAR19” instead of “162000ZMAR19”. Thanks!