(closed) [90 attending!] [41 gates left] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


It is one of the busiest Airports in America and the 22nd busiest in the World.It handles 60 million passengers every year and over ninety airlines fly in and out of KJFK.Itis located 30km of downtown Manhattan.The Airport has 6 terminals and 4 runways.

  • A beautiful picture of KJFK from the sky

Server: Expert

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2019-03-16T20:00:00Z


  • KJFK is a Airport with a lot of destinations around the world so I couldn’t get every route into this event,please Understand

  • If you want to fly any route that isn’t listed please just ask and I will change it but it has to be a real life route

  • You are responsible for your own fuel and flight plan

  • Spawn in 10-15 minutes before the event starts


Terminal 1
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
01 Aeroflot A330 UUEE @Gman
02 Alitalia 777-200ER LIRF @vabriola40
03 Air France A380 LFPG @Joeoreilly77
04 Lufthansa A380 EDDF @joslleymiguel_holand
05 Turkish Airlines 777-300ER LTFM @Altaria55
06 Saudia 787-9 OEJN @MrFriday
07 Royal Air Maroc 787-8 GMMN @JeromeJ
08 Philippine Airlines 777-300ER RPLL @Lucas_Piedra
10 Azerbaijan Airlines 787-8 UBBB @TransportForLife
11 Singapore Airlines A380 WSSS via EDDF @IconicUndead230
Terminal 2
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
61 Delta A321 KATL @Elliott_Ewell
62 Delta 737-800 KDTW @Callum_King1
63 Delta A320 KMIA @EthanT2
64 Delta 737-900 KPHX @Luke_Sta
65 Delta A320 KSAT
66 Delta 737-800 KSJC @BigBert10
67 Delta A319 KPBI @jonspacepilot
68 Delta 757 KSFO
69 Delta A319 KDCA @baseball_inferno
70 Delta 737-900 KSEA @Joseph007
Terminal 4"Concourse A"
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
02A Aeromexico 787-8 MMMX @Jose_gil
02B Westjet 737-800 CYYC @Blue_Diamond196
03 Avianca 787-8 SKBO @Carlo-Espino10
04 Copa Airlines 737-800 MPTO @Vivek_Krishna
05 Volaris A319 MMGL @Sashaz55
06A Jetblue A320 KMCO @Alboss
06B JetBlue A321 MMUN @Panther
07 Jetblue A321 TNCM @FuZion_Sami
Terminal 4"Concourse B"
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
20B Swiss A330 LSGG @StefanZ
22 Asiana 777-200ER RKSI @IFliPlanes
24 Emirates A380 OMDB @HerrMrSir
25 Swiss A330 LSZH @SwedishFlyer
26 Etihad A380 OMAA @Abel_Kocsis
27 Xiamen Air 787-8 ZSFZ @Pilot_Waters
28 South African Airways A340 FAOR @Springbok777
29 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 EGLL @SirMarkieMark
30 Air India 777-200LR VIDP @Logan_Lee
31 Kenya Airways 787-8 HKJK @Albatross_Prince
32 EgyptAir A330 HECA
33 El Al 787-10 LLBG @Malucelli48
34 Air India 777-200LR VABB @DhruvChopra
35 KLM 777-200ER EHAM @Chindle_1204
36 Delta A330 EBBR @Zach007
37 China Airlines 777-300ER RCTP @Captain_JR
38 Delta A330 EDDT @Piazza
39 Delta A330 LKPR @49ers_fan
41 Delta A330 KSFO @AviationJack
42 Delta Connection CRJ-900 CYUL @anon82246052
43 Delta Connection E170 KMSP
44 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KORF
45 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KCVG
46 Delta Connection E170 KBNA
Terminal 5
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
01 TAP Portugal A330 (Generic) LPPT
02 Aer Lingus A330 (Generic) EIDW
03 Hawaiian 767 PHNL @Hardcore_Destroyer
04 Jetblue A320 MMMX @Cormac_Rocks
05 Jetblue A321 KSMF @samdog27
06 Jetblue A320 KMCO @CPTWilliam
07 Jetblue A320 KFLL @PilotDog
08 Jetblue E190 KBUF @Ryan0479
09 Jetblue A320 KAUS @den.aviation
10 Jetblue E190 KSYR
11 Jetblue E190 KBTV @Matthew_20204
12 Jetblue A320 KCLT @anon58665202
14 Jetblue A320 KJAX @Yasu
15 Jetblue E190 KORD @OtoeTiger88
16 Jetblue E190 KBOS @AviationGaming
17 Jetblue A321 KPBI @Lufthansa2
18 Jetblue A321 KLAS
19 Jetblue A321 MKJP @Christian_Schneider
20 Jetblue A320 KMSY @Grady_Herbert
21 Jetblue A321 KFLL @J2S
22 Jetblue A321 MDST @Hendry_Jose_Torres_C
23 Jetblue A321 KLAX
24 Jetblue A320 MYEG
25 Jetblue E190 MUHA
26 Jetblue A320 MYNN
27 Jetblue A321 TBPB @Flying_Ryan
28 Jetblue A320 KRSW @ActnJaksn239
29 Jetblue A321 KSFO
30 Jetblue A320 KMCO @Krunchy_Toast
Terminal 7
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
01 Alaska Airlines 737-9 KPDX
02 Alaska Airlines A320 KLAX
03 British Airways 747-400 EGLL @United_1154
04 Qatar Airways 777-300ER OTHH @savavalentin86
05 Alaska Airlines 737-8 KLAS @Tommy_McMillen
06 Alaska Airlines 737-9 KLAX @IF787
07 Alaska Airlines 737-9 KSJC @GlobalFlyer1
08 Alaska Airlines A320 KSFO @travelingcornstalk
09 Iceland Air 757 BIKF
10 LOT Polish Airlines 787-8 EPWA @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
11 All Nippon Airways 787-10 RJTT @MarkusNOR17
Terminal 8
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
01 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER VHHH via CYVR @BennyBoy_Alpha
02 Royal Jordanian 787-8 OJAI @Niklas3
03 LATAM Chile 787-9 SCEL @ItzAviaUk
04 Qantas 787-9 YBBN via KLAX
05 American 737-8 KMIA @ZB1423
06 American 757 KMIA @Zach007
07 American A321 KLAX
08X American 737-8 KPHX
10 American A321 KBOS @JMac
12 American 757 KSFO
14 American 737-8 KCLT @Dart
16 American A320 KMCO @darkeyes
31D American 737-8 KLAS
31B American 757 KSEA
32F American A320 TNCM
32G American 737-8 KORD @TheRobloxMaster121
32H American A321 KDFW @Qo_Pl
32I American Eagle CRJ-700 KDCA
33 American Eagle CRJ-700 KCVG
34 American Eagle CRJ-900 KIND @pelicanjars
35 American Eagle CRJ-200 CYYZ @Marco_Rdz
36 American Eagle CRJ-700 KRDU @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
37 American Eagle CRJ-700 KCLE
38 American 737-8 KSAN @sehevu
39 American 737-8 KAUS @jfalix
40 American 777-300ER EGLL @esant_15
41 American 777-200ER LFPG @zand3r
42 American 777-200ER LEBL
43 American 787-9 LIMC
44 American 777-300ER SAEZ @simopoint
45 American 787-9 SBGL @mr_speedbird
46 American 777-200ER LEMD
47 American 777-200ER EGLL @Jermaine_Edwards
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
Hardstand 83 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KIND
Hardstand 84 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KIAD @Andrew_Ku
Hardstand 85 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KPIT
Hardstand 86 Delta Connection CRJ-900 CYUL
Hardstand 87 Delta Connection CRJ-900 CYYZ
Hardstand 88W Delta Connection E170 KMSY
Hardstand 89W Delta Connection CRJ-700 KORF
Hardstand 90 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KRDU

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I’ll take T1 Gate 7

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You’ve got it,Thanks for attending

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I’ll take gate 40 in T8 to EGLL.

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You’ve been added… Thanks for attending

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Ill Take Terminal 8 Gate 36 to KRDU

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You got it!!

If it’s one of the massive events, I think there should be some design elements here😉

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Like what design elements😊

Must I add more stuff?

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Maybe a few more pictures or a couple of more paragraphs about the event or JFK😁

You don’t have to, but I think that’s what’s getting it the 6.5/10 rating

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Ok I’ll try to improve it

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Terminal 7 gate 1 for me!

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Sure thing!! Thanks for attending

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I’ll take a gate, Terminal 1 Gate 04

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I tried! 😂

You’re all signed up thanks for attending

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That looks decent, that extra picture makes it look so much better😉

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I will take terminal 5 gate 7 to KFLL.

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I’ll take this gate, thanks. Also could you change RCSS to RCTP, since RCSS has no flights to anywhere besides China, Taiwan and Japan

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