[Closed] 9/11 Military Aircraft Flight/Memorial Flight @ KLGA - 111300ZAUG15 and 111900ZAUG15


Server: *Advanced Server *

Region: *New York Region *

Airport: KLGA-KJFK

Time: 900AM EST- 1200PM EST 300 PM EST 600 PM EST

NOTAM: *Please respect this event and the people that lost there lives on that day
We will do a fly by in F22 over Manhattan.
This event is to be respectful. For we will remember those who had lost their lives on 9/11>
If anyone was to disrespect this event you will be automatically kicked from the game.


I personally don’t want to be in the event because for me a 9/11 flying event sounds a little disrespectful. That’s just my opinion though. I’m sure the one thing those people don’t want to think about is planes on that day.


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This is a horrible idea. Only people with a lack of common sense would make an event like this. It would be extremely disrespectful. What are you going to do. Crash the plane?


We don’t really want to be commemorating such a sad day on a mobile simulator. I wont be taking part.
*just my opinion


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Exactly why I’m not coming. This event was not thought through.


@Jake_Rogers you do know that today is 8/11 right?


What about a military fly over of JFK. I think that would sound better.


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Eh sure, it’s just my idea of making the event more reasonable


Why dont we whut down all of Borther Americas airports on 9/11 then


Northern americas airports i meant


Edit your Event according to this ;)


You really need to retitle this because my immediate thought is that this event was replicating 9/11…


This is my personal opinion, and does not represent the opinions in ATC Playground Crew.

I think this event is in many ways disrespectful, and I’m not american, so this is from an international, non-patriotic point of view. First of all, this was an incident involving airplanes. Making an event based upon a terrorist attack itself is not such a good idea - when airplanes were involved - even worse.

I understand that there are memorial flights for almost every aviation incident, but those are mostly on accidents and crashes, not terrorist attacks.

Second of all, since this event is located in the New York region, people (including me) can misinterpret the event for a “remake” of the attack. I understand that this is not the purpose, but I can also understand that people - especially Americans - can become upset over this event. And to avoid unecessarry debate, confusion and anger, I think it’s best to not go through with this event. Do not take me wrong, I really understand that this is to remember the deceased, but I can just imagine how big of a debate this is going to be when ‘AAL11’, ‘UAL175’, ‘AAL77’ and ‘UAL93’ start appearing in the New York region.


I’m with you on that. I’m not American and was pretty confused when I first saw the title…


I agree, the title is somewhat unfortunate, although it is descriptive.


This is a very sensitive event to many people, who were directly and indirectly affected by it. Please edit the title to make it more direct and to those running and participating in the event, pls. be courteous amd don’t try and get attention through doing stupid rude s#¡t like replicating the exact 9/11 flight(s).

Attention through achievement, not negativity.

My two cents


Agree, if I were you I would ban the use of those callsigns (stated above).