[Closed] [8 Attending, 4 Gates left] Rotterdam the Hague Airport Flyout @ EHRD - 241800ZJAN20

Hello! I am hosting a flyout from Rotterdam Airport located in the Netherlands where it is the third busiest airport in the country. Rotterdam is the focus city for Transavia Airline. I have received feedback from my last event about the timing where a lot of people from America couldn’t participate so I have made it more suitable for them. There are 12 gates to choose from and I have included seasonal flights as well. Hope you consider signing up!


Server: Expert

Airport: EHRD/RTM - Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Time: 2020-01-24T18:00:00Z


  1. Please be respectful to other aircrafts
  2. Please use and respect Unicom to communicate
  3. Have fun!

To Sign Up:

-Please reply to this thread with your gate number that you would like to be at.

-Please see the diagrams below to help you to choose your gate


Gates (4 Left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A1 Transavia B737-800 (LOWI) Innsbruck @Emiel_l
A2 Transavia B737-800 (LEBL) Barcelona @CptCalvin437
A3 Transavia B737-800 (EHAM) Amsterdam @Vinne
B1 Transavia B737-800 (LPPT) Lisbon
B2 Transavia B737-800 (GCTS) Tenerife
B3 Transavia B737-800 (LSGG) Geneva @Alexian61
C1 Transavia B737-800 (LEMG) Malaga @CptWatermelon
C2 Transavia B737-800 (EFRO) Rovaniemi
C3 Transavia B737-800 (LOWS) Salzburg @Edivan_dcds
D1 Transavia B737-800 (LEIB) Ibiza @Alexandre
D2 British Airways E190 (EGLC) London City @Luca_Arrowsmith
D3 Royal Air Maroc B737-800 (GMTT) Tangier


Taxiway Map

Gates Map


-I will be sending more information a few days before the event to the pilots who are participating so make sure to check your notifications.

-Please do not spam this thread so it is easier for me to sign people up.

-If you would like to fly a route that is already booked, please PM me so I can try and work things out.

-PM if you have any questions or feedback as this is my first event!

-After the event, if you have any pictures, feel free to share it so everyone can see!

-I got the diagrams from JEPPESEN and did researching for flights from FlightRadar24 so I couldn’t do it without the help from those websites.

Thanks so much for checking out my event! I hope you consider signing up and join us on this flyout from Rotterdam Airport. Feedback would be much appreciated and hope to see you soon.

Thank you!


Can I have gate C3 to Salzburg please? 😃


Can I have this gate please?


Could I get LCY?


Yes, C3 is yours!

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Yes! D2 is yours

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yup, A1 is yours!

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Could I have gate 3 please?


which gate 3? A3?

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Yes please.


sure! A3 is yours


Can I get this one please?

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Yes, B3 is yours!

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Gate A2 please, thank you!

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A2 is yours!

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Can I take D1 for LEIB please?

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Sure D1 is yours!

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In 2 days! Sign up soon as there are 5 gates left!

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Gate C1 please


Yup, C1 is yours! Please accept my invite to the chat and read the info. Thanks

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