[Closed] 787-8 Delivery Flight with Delta Virtual @ KPAE - 192100ZNOV17

13 PM

Join Delta VA this week as we think about what could have been with a delivery flight of the Boeing 787-8 in Delta colors to Minneapolis. This event will offer you the opportunity to experience what it would be deliver an aircraft to a customer

Server -Training Server

Date - 11/19/17

Departure Time -2100 Z

  • 4pm EST*
  • 3pm CST*
  • 2pm MST*
  • 1pm PST*

Expected Flight Time - 2 hours 33 minutes

Arrival Time - 2333 Z

  • 6:33pm EST*
  • 5:33pm CST*
  • 4:33pm MST*
  • 3:33pm PST*

–>Flight time estimated-Diversion to KDSM if necessary-Check NOTAM for possible diversions <–

V1-130 / VR-135 / V2-145
Flight Level -FL 350

How it's Done (Climb)

Flaps set to 5° for take off / Stay below 95% N1
-Takeoff under 200KIAS until 4000ft - 2500fpm
-Climb to FL100 from 250KIAS - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL160 from cruise speed M.82 (305KIAS until cross over altitude) - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL210 from cruise speed - 2700fpm
-Climb to FL250 from cruise speed - 2500fpm
-Climb to FL300 from cruise speed - 1800fpm
-Climb to FL350 from cruise speed - 1500fpm

How it's Done (Descent)

Begin descent 130NM out of (ICAO)
-2000fpm until at FL130
-1500fpm until at FL050 / Slow down at FL130
-800fpm until you intercept ILS

Departure - (Snohomish County Airport) / (KPAE)
Arrival - (Minneapolis St Paul International Airport) / (KMSP)

Aircraft - (B787-8) (Delta Livery)

Total Fuel - 83527lbs. / 37887kgs
-21480lbs. / 27887kgs. Emergency Fuel

Passengers - 2092lbs. / 949kgs.
-13 Souls

Cargo - ~ 18278lbs. / ~ 8291kgs.

ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight) - 284305lbs. / 128959kgs

–> Total Weight (ZFW + fuel weight) - 368015 lbs. / 166929 kgs. <–
numbers not based on unexpected weather. *

NOTAM: *KPAE-KMSP // M.82 at cruise alt. // expect possible minor turbulence // FPL made by @usa007 (DLVA67) and is to be copied at KPAE after spawning in // Fuel more then expected to provide a more stable flight. Fuel amount will still be under Maximum Landing weight. Do not fuel dump.

For more information check below ⬇
KPAE charts - KPAE information
KMSP charts - KMSP information

Current gate assignments:
Spots (request a spot):

—Production Stalls
Boeing Delivery Center 1- @USA007
Boeing Delivery Center 2- @Twocflyer
B787-01- @kylen15
B787-02- @Zach_S
B787-03- @The_Geniusman
B787-04- @Kyle.r24
B787-05- @dylan_dylan31
B787-06- @TheDeltaFlyerr
B787-07- @ClarenceTheAvgeek
B787-08- @Eduardo_Rodrigues1
B787-09- @Jaken_Wu
B787-10- @Laurent_Wellman
B787-11- @CraftDog148
B787-12- @Daniel_Arceyut
B787-13- @Nick_Desomma
B787-14- @Blizzard
B777-01- @AsorbMC
B777-02- @Coolman
B777-03- @Leonard_Paulson
B747-01- @Harun_Koyuncu

(More spots will be open if need be)

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What were using:
Simbrief Briefing: KPAE-KMSP | KPAE charts
| KPAE information | KMSP charts | KMSP information | ZULU time chart | Airnav | Delta Virtual


Gate please, looking forward to this event a lot :)

Stall B787-01 for you good sir

I’ll take a gate please!

I would like a gate please

@The_Geniusman @Zach_S added you both to the event. Be sure to check your gate assignment!

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Gate please! Thank you

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It’s been a while since I’ve flown for DLVA… sign me up ;)

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Thanks boss, this’ll definitely be fun

@Kyle.r24 and @dylan_dylan31 you both are signed up be sure to check your gate assignments

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May I get a gate please?

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You are signed up Check your assignment above

Gate please. Wouldn’t miss this.

I’ll take Gate B787-07

@ClarenceTheAvgeek @Twocflyer you two are signed up. Be sure to check your gate assignments

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gate please! Thank you

Can i Please have a gate? I just joined DLVA ;)

@Jaken_Wu @Eduardo_Rodrigues1 both of you are signed up! Check your gate assignments

I would like a gate please

Stall B787-10 for you