[CLOSED] 787-10 or 777-200ER?

Really? I have the 757

So does the 787-10 but not IRL

777-200ER for me.

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Maybe they’ll add BA on the B788 or B789 in the next update?

787 for Sure ! I’m actually playing ever with the 787 and last day I have played the 772 and I REALLY noticed the BIG difference!

Here are some cockpit pics

And the 787 has cockpit lights, but the 777 doesn’t.

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Check out my YouTube channel I have the 787 range and 777 videos On


Well, I would say the 787-10. Because the purpose of the -10 is to phase out older 777-200ER aircraft.

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No they don’t… Check the above screenshots

I don’t know why someone would go for the 777-200ER but if liveries are so important to you cool!

Nice landing.

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thanks bro i appreciate it :)

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787-8, 787-9, 787-10 any day anytime

You should turn your water textures on high. Makes IF look amazing

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Triple seven down to the ground

your totally right because im using my iphone 5s its fine when id clear the phone to empty but when my phone would get cluttered with the videos and stuff it would lag but im going to buy a ipad mini dont know which one yet then ill be able to blast the hell out of everything lol i like things smooth i cant stand jumpiness ha

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Guys I got the:


Hooray! I love it! I’m sure I made the right decision! Thanks guys for all your feedback!😄


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