(Closed) 787-10 Infinite Maiden Flight @ KBFI - 281300ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: Seattle

Airport: KBFI

Time: 1300

NOTAM: *No trolling, this event will last three days, we will do first part on Thursday, second part on Friday and third part on Saturday

Join us as we give the much loved 787-10 a true welcome. Come in a 787-10 in any livery you want. Tell me your gate, and livery, please come on at least one of the routes but try make all of them, also tell me what route you are doing thanks!

Full route map


I will be coming in a 787-10 Boeing livery. I’m doing all the routes

NOTAM if not enough pilots might be delayed by a week

Helps to spell INFINITE correctly…


Sorry, thanks for telling me! Wanna come to the event?

When is the events going to happen?

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When are* correction

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28th-30th of December as there are three parts to the route

I will do the event and do all planned routes

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Ok what gate? It has to be a Boeing heavy stand at KBFI

Gate A8 EVA AIR livery

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Cool, see you there!

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NOTAM we may want some ATC but it doesn’t matter! Also if we want we can have a phew jets flying beside the planes! Hopefully we get more pilots and you all have fun at the event

NOTAM Sorry to announce this but im having to cancel the event as there is not enough pilots. Thank you

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