[Closed]747SCA @ KNUC - Spitfire escort

KNUC Training Server. Come.

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Nobody is coming. Just nevermind. Nobody cares right?

Because nobody is free when you are.


Well, this is what happens when you live in I.R. Iran

Maybe you should give people more time… Like planning it for next week or so…

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You waited a total of twelve minutes for people to come. Good job. Really patient. Maybe you should give people an hour or so to get there. Announce the event AT LEAST an hour before you want to do it. Especially because 60% of people here are from Merica and this was posted at 3 in the morning our time


Part of your problem is that you need to give way more time for people to come, as said already here. As well as that, you create an event every couple of days that is just spontaneously created without any planning or organisation. For example, you put in the title of this one “747SCA” when in actual fact, you want people to fly Spitfires. It’s little basic things like these that need to be correct if you want people to appreciate what you’re doing and actually come to your events. I hope you take this onboard and realise why your left in a similar situation every time.


On one of your infamous last minute flight topics (no offense intended) someone said it’s better to have one well-planned flight each month than 2 poorly planned flights per week, or something like that. Those are wise words which you should heed.

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