[Closed] 747s in Seattle @ KPDX - 271800ZAUG15

Hi everyone! This is my first event so don’t expect anything too good but I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

Server: ATC Playground
Region: Seattle
Start Airport: KPDX Portland Intl
Destination Airport: KSEA Seattle-Tacoma Intl
Aircraft: Any 747
NOTAM: Fly your favorite 747 model from Portland to Seattle at cruising altitude of 12000ft. We will pushback at 1800Z and try to takeoff at 1810Z if all goes well. We will fly in formation for some good screenshot opportunities and then land at KSEA. Feel welcome to join me in the return flight aswell! Be sure to share photos!
Fly Safe!

I will come. I will see if I can get anyone else to come along too!

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Great! Thanks a lot

damnit. I’m late :( I’ll be sure to come to your next event!

It isn’t until 1800Z. you have over 3 hours yet ((: @AnnieCorp_Inc

Yaaay! I’ll be there. Whats your callsign? I’m Escort.

Probably Superman, Corporate 016 or Dolphin

I would usually ask why Dolphin… but I’ve questioned enough logics for the day.


Good to hear that y’all are coming! My name is Captain Kian

Great! See you there.

We will fly at 12000ft straight up to KSEA. No flight plan required and try to fly at 300 knots at cruising altitude. If you don’t mind i will be flying in front

I am going to create a flight plan as it is realistic (No commercial plane takes off with out).

Ok, post a picture here so we can copy it.

Am at gate C10. And you can just copy it in game by pressing copy FP. Manual landings only 😏

Sure we will all park at c gates

Shall we go for return flight?

I am at gate A1

Why didnt your replies pop up in my notifications?!!!

Can I be in the event