[Closed] 737 Takeover @ YSSY - 211130ZAUG17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 1130Z

NOTAM: It’s time for a 737 takeover! To join this event, you will have to fly in any type of B737 aircraft, in any livery. When asking to join the event, please tell me what your callsign will be, and I will give you a gate assignment. We will be flying from YSSY to YSCB. We will also need ATC tower and ground at both YSSY and YSCB. Please follow all ATC instruction, even if it diverts you from the flight route. The flight plan is shown below, or you can copy my flight plan. My callsign will be JVAZ423. We will start pushbacks at 1140Z to make sure everyone is there. We will fly at a cruising altitude of 12,000 feet, at a speed of 300 knots. You cannot join the event after 1120Z. Thanks, and have fun!

[If you happen to take any pictures of the event, please post them below after the event]

Do not pushback until JVAZ423 pushes back

Cruising Altitude: 12,000 feet
Crusing Speed: 300 knots

Flight Plan


Tower: @Thabet_M_Tamim
Ground: @Thabet_M_Tamim

Tower: @FDemon
Ground: @FDemon

Gate Assignments at YSSY
Gate 1-08: @jakevaz423 - Callsign: JVAZ423
Gate 1-09: @Pilot999 - Callsign: N636RQ
Gate 1-10: @ErenTD - Callsign: Turkish 2741 Heavy
Gate 1-11: @FlyingSquirrel516 - Callsign: PUPPYPAT Super
Gate 1-24:
Gate 1-25:
Gate 1-30:
Gate 1-31:
Gate 1-32:
Gate 1-33:

More gates will be added if needed


Yeah, I’ll come. I might leave halfway or I’ll eat lunch at cruise altitude callsign- N636RQ


@Pilot999 Ok sounds good!

So tomorrow at 12:30 British time

I’ll be there in my 737! Would be happy to get a gate. Turkish 2741 Heavy

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@ErenTD Ok I’ll put you down!

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I can be tower and ground for yscb!

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What you coming in? I’m coming in Jet2 737-800

@FDemon Ok thanks! I’ll put you down!

@Pilot999 I will be coming in a United Airlines B737-800.

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I can take YSSY Tower, I’m not good with ground though so leave that to someone else


It isn’t 2330 right?

Confirming the time because if it is 1130 z I can’t make it. :(

@Thabet_M_Tamim Ok, great!

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@Sudhanva_Ganesh The event starts at 1130Z. It starts 53 minutes from now.

We need someone for YSSY Ground… Any voulenteers?

I’ll try my best at ground if no one else wants to take it

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You have 1 more minute to join!

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@Thabet_M_Tamim Great! Thanks!

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You cannot join the event now. Thank you to everyone who joined, and let’s have a safe flight!

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