CLOSED [41 Attending | 30 Gates Remaining] Capital Flyout! @ KDCA 151900ZDEC18


Server: Expert

Airport: KDCA

Time: 1900Z


Saturday, December 15, 2018 7:00 PM

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Some more information about Washington National Airport from Wikipedia.

What is this event for?
I am a YouTuber and I recently surpassed 100 subscribers. I upload and stream Infinite Flight.

I chose KDCA because it is the closest airport to my home, and I’ve flown out of there many times on American, Delta, and Southwest Airlines. I have some plane spotting videos from there and fly there during other Infinite Flight events. KDCA is a national airport, so there are no international flights other than the Air Canada flights to Toronto.

Who ever wants to can takeoff from KTTS on December 15, 2018 5:00 PM in a 747-SCA to head for a flyover of the entire D.C. area, fly over KDCA and land at KIAD to mark the start of the event.

Terminal A | Gates 01 - 09 | Air Canada | Southwest | Frontier | FULL!!
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Stand 01 KBNA 1h 43m Southwest/737-700 @QFA_12
Stand 02 KATL 1h 49m Southwest/737-700 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
Stand 03 CYYZ 1h 15m Air Canada/CRJ-200 @Planespotter_Cali
Stand 04 KMDW 2h Southwest/737-700 @Kevinsoto1502
Stand 05 KOMA 2h 36m Southwest/737-800 @Jorge_Luis_Soto
Stand 06 KMCO 2h 35m Southwest/737-700 @baseball_inferno
Stand 07 KDEN 4h 1m Frontier/A320 @Swiftlings_17
Stand 08 KDAL 2h 57m Southwest/737-800 @EverettM
Stand 09 KPVD 2h 41m Southwest/737-700 @JeromeJ
Terminal B | Gates 10 - 22 | Alaska | Delta | United |
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Stand 10 KORD 2h 5m United/CRJ-700 @Nate_Schneller
Stand 10C KIAH 3h 37m United/CRJ-700
Stand 10E KSFO 6h 14m Alaska/737-900
Stand 12 KDEN 3h 54m United/757-200 @Luke_Sta
Stand 12A KORD 2h 3m United/A320 @Captain_Awerty
Stand 13 KSFO 6h 43m United/757-200 @GHOST_Heavy
Stand 14 KDTW 1h 2m Delta/A319 @AgusAeromexico
Stand 15 KCVG 1h 50m Delta/CRJ-900 @kiandw
Stand 16 KLEX 1h 13m Delta/E170 @Jonesrox55
Stand 17 KDTW 1h 18m Delta/A320 @Sean_Green
Stand 18 KPDX 5h 48m Alaska-Virgin/737-900 @Jonas_A_A
Stand 19 KSEA 5h 36m Alaska/737-900 @JFitzgerald23
Stand 20 KLGA 2h 4m Delta/E170
Stand 21 KATL 1h 48m Delta/A321 @CapriciousWisewater
Stand 22 KLAX 5h 37m Delta/757-200
Terminal B/C | Gates 23 - 34 | American | JetBlue |
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Stand 23 KBDL 1h 18m American/A320
Stand 24 KJAX 2h 15m JetBlue/E190 @Tucker_Ryan
Stand 25 KSAV 1h 49m American/CRJ-700
Stand 26 KSDF 1h 45m American/A320
Stand 27 KPHL 1h 1m American/A320 @Wattsup_jet
Stand 28 KMCO 2h 49m JetBlue/E190 @Ashton_Liberty
Stand 29 KFLL 2h 44m JetBlue/E190 @Kjax_tv
Stand 30 KRSW 2h 27m JetBlue/E190
Stand 31 KBOS 1h 32m American/A320
Stand 32 KORD 2h 6m American/737-800 @will_pugh
Stand 33 KMSP 2h 53m American/A320
Stand 34 KLAX 5h 44m American/737-800
Terminal C | Gates 35 - 45 | American | U.S. Airways |
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Stand 35 KPVD 1h 19m American/CRJ-200
Stand 36 KATL 2h 4m American/A320 @TaterToT3565
Stand 37 KIND 1h 40m American/A320 @Plane-Train-TV
Stand 38 KCLT 1h 34m American/A320 @esant_15
Stand 39 KHSV 2h American/A320 @Kyle0323
Stand 40 KJFK 1h 44m American/CRJ-700 @Wesleyhenrich
Stand 41 KMEM 2h 39m American/A320
Stand 42 KMIA 2h 58m American/A321
Stand 43 KDFW 3h 20m American/737-800
Stand 43R KMCI 3h 1m American/A320
Stand 43C KPHX 1h 13m U.S. Airways/757-200 @Tyler_shah
Stand 44 KSTL 2h 21m American/A320
Stand 44R KCHS 1h 46m American/A320 @Alex_Coffey
Stand 44C KPHX 1h 39m U.S. Airways/757-200 TBD
Stand 45 KBGR 1h 29m American/CRJ-700 @hi15td
Commuter Jets | Gates B - O | American |
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Commuter B KRDU 1h 14m American/CRJ-200 @Alex_Coffey
Commuter C KSYR 1h 12m American/CRJ-200
Commuter D KROC 1h 38m American/CRJ-200
Commuter E KCAE 1h 32m American/CRJ-200
Commuter F KHPN 1h 38m American/CRJ-700 @tidex
Commuter G KGSO 1h 5m American/CRJ-200
Commuter H KCAK 1h 3m American/CRJ-200
Commuter I KCLT 1h 13m American/CRJ-200 @IFATC_Andrew
Commuter J KDAY 1h 7m American/CRJ-200
Commuter K KALB 1h 12m American/CRJ-200
Commuter L KTYS 1h 36m American/CRJ-200
Commuter M KORF 51m American/CRJ-200 @BlueAcidball
Commuter N KDSM 2h 23m American/CRJ-700
Commuter O KPNS 2h 25m American/CRJ-700
General Aviation
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
GA Hangar 01 KMEM 4h 5m FedEx/C208 @Clocktapus
GA Hangar 02 KASE TBM-930 @Mell_Ijzerman
GA Hangar 03 KMEM 4h 5m FedEx/C208 @Chris_Ridgell
GA Hangar 04 KMEM 4h 5m FedEx/C208 @Jerseyant
GA Hangar 05
GA Hangar 06
Private Hangar KHPN 51m Cessna Citation X
Private Jet


General Aviation gates will be put per request. A ICAO code or VFR must be included in the request.


Congrats on the 111 Now 112Subscribers! I don’t think I will be able to attend however…

It might be a while for me to reach the mark of 100 (seeing I only have like 6 subs…)


I’d like gate 16 to KLEX please!


Gate 16 to Lexington, gotcha!


I’ll take Southwest stand 9 to TPA


Dylan, are you joining?


Sure, looks like a pretty nice event. I think you know which gate I would like…


The one to CYYZ?


Ill take the Atlanta Flight.
for southwest


Terminal B Stand 20. I have lost all my faith in you…


20 to La Guardia and 2 to Hartsfield


I’m sorry, your profile pic was too small for me to see lol. I just saw that your background is of a Delta E170, like you chose lol


It’s totally fine Clay! It is just silly to think that I would choose a flight to CYYZ, with lots in my profile stating that I am a LaGuardia Airport expert…


Stand 40 KJFK American/CRJ-700 for me please.


I’ll take stand 21 DLVA9375, KDCA-KATL


I got both of you!


Sign me up, please!


Ok :D


For the Air Canada flight to CYYZ could i change the plane to a CRJ-900? If the gate is open that is😄