(Closed, 4 in 11 Attended!) Infinite Flight Destinations: Athens! Eleftherios Venizelos Flyout - @LGAV 221700ZJUN19

Infinite Flight Event Fly Out in Athens, Greece! 🇬🇷

Hey Everyone! image

My Next Fly-out Event will take place in Athens, Greece. Dated just 20 days after another Fly-out, I have decided to continue Eastwards through Europe and around the world. An event is organised each month!

About Greece. image image

In my opinion, Greece is open into the beautiful Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The scenery here is glorious. The reflecting sky blue water and the sandy beaches makes the scenery and the country of Greece just beautiful. Athens Eleftherios Venizelos is one of the most busiest chosen airports in Greece. It is chosen as the Capital or the International Airport in Greece.

image More About Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport: (Wikipedia)

Why Athens? image image

A poll has been established by me the last week. 3 random Airports located in the East of Europe has been chosen before moving into a different Continent in the World. Athens has also not become a featured Airport in an event in the Infinite Flight Community. And yes, as mentioned above it has beautiful scenery.

image Main Information.

Server: Expert.

Airport: LGAV (Athens Eleftherios Venizelos)

Time: 1700Z 2019-06-22T17:00:00Z

image NOTAM:

  • Firstly, a reminder will be sent a week prior departure, in order to notify your attendance.

  • Please use FPLtoIF.com as the Flight planner. Use the “Simbrief” section of this website and assign the route you have.

  • Please follow all the rules provided. This means follow the right and the basic ATC Commands, this would mean no spamming. No taxing into the the grass, line up the runway and the taxiway properly, and so on. You should know the simple rules.

  • An Event Chat will be sent a day prior departure. This may notify about the attendants, gate assignments, weather conditions (METARS) and Runway usage.

  • Lastly, Have fun! There will be many members taking part around you. Feel free to take some High Resolution screenshots in the end of your flight!

image Assigned Gates.

Main Terminal:

The Main Terminal contains two Halls: A and B.
The Right Hall (B) operates Short Haul Destinations into Europe.
The Left Hall (A) operates Long Haul Destinations into other continents.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
B17 Aeroflot Airbus A320 Moscow None
B15 Alitalia Airbus A321 Rome @Feurum
B13 Air France Airbus A319 Paris CDG None
B11 British Airways Airbus A320 London Heathrow @Benjwri
B09 Iberia Airbus A321 Madrid None
B07 KLM Boeing 737-8 Amsterdam None
B05 Turkish Airbus A320 Istanbul None
B03 SAS Airbus A320 Copenhagen None
A01 American Boeing 787-9 Chicago None
A03 Delta Airbus A330 New York JFK @IF787
A05 Emirates Boeing 777-3(ER) Newark None
A07 Emirates Boeing 777-3(ER) Dubai @Ben_Murtagh1
A09 Etihad Boeing 787-9 Abu Dhabi None
A11 Turkish Boeing 777-3(ER) Istanbul @Destroyer350
A13 Qatar Boeing 787-8 Doha @ItzAviaUk

Satellite Terminal

The Satellite Terminal is the South Terminal. This is a Terminal mixed in with many different destinations. Also focusing in Europe.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
A30 Ryanair Boeing 737-8 London STS None
A31 Scoot Boeing 787-8 Singapore None
A32 Ryanair Boeing-737-8 Berlin Tegel @Moonlit
A33 Easyjet Airbus A319 London Gatwick @IFliPlanes
A34 El Al Boeing 737-8 Israel None
A35 Easyjet Airbus A320 Berlin Tegel None
A36 Wizz Air Airbus A320 Budapest @Matthew_20204
A37 Wizz Air Airbus A320 London LTN @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
A38 Transavia Boeing 737-8 Paris ORY None
A39 (Changed) Wizz Air Airbus A320 Katowice @NeperQiell

All the Gates in Athens are now for use. More can be added using the North and the South Apron if needed.

Missing Livery!

One of the missing liveries here in Infinite Flight is Aegan Airlines for the Airbus A320. If you you’ll like to support this feature thread, give it a vote!

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I’ll take a Ryanair gate to Malta

@Matthew_20204 sorry for any inconvenience, the destinations are just being added right now. Wait Two minutes. 🙂

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I’ll take gate A36 then

@Matthew_20204 you are now added! Enjoy.

Are we only able to choose from the routes that you have added?

Gate A03 please to JFK

Athens flyout? Never thought i’d see the day, sign me up!

I’ll take the Ryanair gate, would like to fly to Santorini though as I wont have much time (it’s a RYR route).

And thanks for advertising that Aegean livery…how we are not seeing an airline of that size and quality in the game remains a mystery.

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Count me in! I’ll take B11.

Thanks for the Aegean livery reminder! I ll take A39

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Ill get back to you on this if I fly Id be flying easy jet.

@IF787 I’ll sign you up now!

@Moonlit I’ll sign you up to a Ryanair Gate! Thanks for the kind words!

@Benjwri Gate B11 is yours!

@NeperQiell Gate A39 is yours!

Wow already 4 attendants in the period of a couple of minutes. Thanks for volunteering guys!

@JoeHaddad You may change the destination with the Airline that flies in real life. Just let me know and I’ll decide to wether add it or not. 👍

@Ironman_Ballets does that mean you want choose any gate with Easyjet? Just let me know if you do. I quite can’t understand you at the moment.

I don’t know I have to wait till my family plans out june to see my availability however I should know within the next few days. I don’t know if this is a thing Im allowed to do but Id be flying vESY if that’s ok the route is book able but I dont know if theres a rule with events and VA stuff.

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@Ironman_Ballets alrighty! Just let me know if you would be able to attend. Thanks for letting me know.

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Can I have this one, please?

Hey @Feurum! I’ll add you up. See you in the skies!

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Thanks! 😁 Can’t wait to see this huge event!

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Can I have gate A13 to Doha please.

@ItzAviaUk you are added! Thanks for volunteering!