[Closed] [4 Attending!] [Pilots Needed!] Let’s Explore Southwest Florida! @KRSW - 181600ZAUG19


  • Enjoy the event!
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
B01 Eurowings EDDL A330-300 (LH)
B02 Southwest Airlines KCMH 737-700
B03 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ A319-100
B04 Southwest Airlines KMDW 737-800
B05 Frontier Airlines KCLE A321-200
B06 Southwest Airlines KSTL 737-700
B07 Frontier Airlines KTTN A320-200
B08 Southwest Airlines KPIT 737-800
B09 Frontier Airlines KCVG A321-200
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C01 WestJet CYYZ 737-800
C02 Delta Air Lines KLGA A319-100 @Dylan_M
C03 United Airlines KIAH 737-800 @Walker_McAlister
C04 Delta Connection (Republic) KIND E170
C05 United Airlines KORD A320-200
C06 Delta Air Lines KDTW 737-900ER
C07 United Airlines KEWR A320-200
C08 Delta Air Lines KATL 757-200
C09 Delta Air Lines KMSP 737-900ER
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
D01 American Airlines KPHL A320-200
D02 Spirit Airlines KACY A320-200
D03 American Airlines KCLT A320-200
D04 JetBlue KHPN A320-200 @Will_A
D05 American Airlines KDFW 737-800
D06 JetBlue KBOS A321-200
D07 American Airlines KDCA A320-200
D08 JetBlue KJFK A320-200
D10 Spirit Airlines KORD A320-200
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
RAMP 1 FedEx KMEM Captains Choice
RAMP 2 FedEx KMEM Captains Choice
RAMP 3 UPS KFLL 757-200 @Bren_McDonell
RAMP 4 UPS KSAT Captains Choice
RAMP 5 UPS KTPA 757-200
RAMP 6 UPS KSDF A330-200F OR MD-11
Extra Stands (If Needed)

NOTE: If you would like to switch your aircraft on a desired route, please let me know so I can arrange another gate (if needed).

Thank you and I hope to see you at the event in sunny Fort Myers!

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You should put this in #live:events

I’ll take gate C02. ;)

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Added, thanks man, I attended your JFK flyout and had a lot of fun so I am doing this myself now!

Can I have gate D04 to KHPN? I’ll be flying that route in a few days.

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For sure! Thanks for your interest!

I am also open to destination changes, however, it must be an active destination at the time of the event (for instance, you cannot switch the Air Canada Rouge flight to Montreal since that route is only run during the winter)

united 737 C03 please

Added! Thanks!

Hi can I please have Spirit Airlines A320 at Gate D02 to KACY, thank you!

Actually, please do not involve me in this event, thank you!