[CLOSED] 2nd Annual Mulheim Airshow @ EDLE - 131843ZMAY17

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EDLE

Time: 1843Z

It’s Mulheim Airshow time again! The theme for this Airshow is jetliner SKILLZ! For our main and only attraction, we will send 737s with our favorite liveries 40,000 ft AGL before plummeting them to the ground. To do that only to pull up last minute, and repeat as many times until you have to leave us, or you crash! Well, or if I crash, but that will be taken care of then. These violation-worthy SKILLZ is the reason this is taking place on Casual!. See y’all there.

I’m headed on now to greet the crowd. The big showdown begins in six minutes!

Warning, 747 can’t spawn at EDLE, so changing to 737s

Nobody showed up, so I was the sole action of the show.

The climb

Moments before impact

I think you should add more substance to your post and make your post look more interesting. This might attract other members and convince them to join.

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