[CLOSED] 29JUL22 / 1000Z & 2000Z - OPEN CALL Plane Spotting @KJFK

and I have parked!

@Kostas_K thank you for the great event look forward to seeing the YT vid! Will definitely join future events

Departing for Boston yall!

Kostas, is there a possibility to appear twice in the video? Or would I just have to choose a specific wave

Just landed a few minutes ago in Boston

You can’t appear twice only once

It’s going to take me at least another 30 mins till I get too Boston been on the ground at jfk for almost an hour

Wow, that suck, my flight time was about 25-30 minutes

That’s make sense

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Usual flight time for that route

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ok so i’d rather pick my first takeoff from the first wave Kostas if i could

Took off finally and now on my way!

Finally departed!!

little bit of lag

Just spawned out guys! Thank you for making this event a blast 💥🤜🏻🤛🏻


Air india 31 Heavy land in 50min in Delhi

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Thanks for hosting it!


Air india 31 heavy just landed in delhi

Thanks for the event

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when will you be uploading the video?

still 10 hours out from landing

Really sad I missed this one but I’ll definitely try make it to the next one

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