[CLOSED] 29JUL22 / 1000Z & 2000Z - OPEN CALL Plane Spotting @KJFK

they was using both runways yesterday for landings


parked at terminal 1 after 8hrs

From where?

left from brussels

I see you! Great Terminal 1 action @Huckabee9325 @Dom_Stewart @MattyPhobia

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Arriving at Boston in 5 minutes!


luffy 747-8 flight done

how was the landing?

Guys, I’d leave jfk for Boston but the traffic is unbelievable this is truly jfk madness! ❀️

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@Kostas_K I really appreciated this event, it was a fun experience. πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘

My game crashed after landing but I did land :(

thtas why i havent left to g back to atlanta. im waiting for it to die down a lil

N983JT is now in maintenance due to bugged IFEs

Yes, truly crazy lol

Thank you for the event @Kostas_K

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ty for the event @Kostas_K

was really an experience

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Glad you enjoy it guys! 2nd wave should be over by now but I’ll stay spawned so anyone who is waiting to depart, don’t worry! I’ll be away from the screen though πŸ™πŸ»


despawning now, thanks everyone!

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how do you film it?

From the replays

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