[CLOSED] 28NOV21 / 0900Z & 28NOV21 / 1900Z - NEW Plane Spotting Open Call @PHNL

NEW Plane Spotting Event in Honolulu Intl PHNL | Expert Server

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Hello everyone! This week it happens to have the same featured airport as the IFATC shcedule has at this day! Traffic expected to be heavy but take a breath in and just enjoy the gorgeous scenery! Hawaii is a famous international destination and just couldn’t resist filming this one! Also one of the highest voted airports on my Discord so far! Are you excited? JOIN! Write me down here your CALLSIGN, ROUTE and AIRCRAFT in order to claim a spot on the event! Please keep your selections realistic! Follow the link provided to guide you on a real world route selection! Make sure to not miss tomorrow’s premiere ;) See you all soon!

Spotting Schedule

November 28, 2021 9:00 AMNovember 28, 2021 10:00 AM

November 28, 2021 7:00 PMNovember 28, 2021 8:00 PM

ATC Controllers


Hi kostas can I please have this flight

American Airlines
9HR 30

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Could I have LAX-HNL on a AA A321, callsign Qatar 498VA and if possible after I arrive a flight to SEA on the delta A339 (or alaska) callsign M-IGLM

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I would like to do KMSP-PHNL on the Delta A330 - DL497

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I was just thinking about how you haven’t posted in a while. LOL.
I’ll be flying in from Chicago United 77W Callsign United 219

First Wave

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DL474, KATL to PHNL, Delta A330- 300

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@Plane_Aviator @TMAC @MiglMicheal @Avii @Chad_Burgi1 You are signed up guys! Thank you


Could I have this one? :)

KEWR-PHNL | United B763 | Callsign: OH-JAN

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Hello, can I get a flight from LAX in a Atlas air B747, second wave.

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Hi can I do Delta Airlines DL480 Los Angles - PHNL for the second window in a A339

LAX-HNL American 777-200 one world. Second wave please! Call sign: Requin 30AR

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Its reserved already :) any other choice?

Hi, I’d like to do flight UA132 in wave 1. Callsign will be UAL132, plane will be a Boeing 737-800 and the route will be Honolulu (HNL/PHNL) to Majuro (MAJ/PKMJ).

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@HerrMrSir @30AR @THEREALPROPILOT @Jumbo-Jan Thank you guys! See you there


Hello, I’d like to take the following route.


AIRCRAFT: B737-990(ER)


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Also, which video is coming out next? I’m really excited to see the next one!

EHAM Premiering tomorrow :)

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Yay!! Thank you @Kostas_K

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He is back! Can I fly the following route;


B738 Westjet

Callsign Westjet 255AK

second wave

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Sorry forgot to say 2 no wave

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