[CLOSED!] 27JUL21 / 1000Z & 28JUL21 / 2000Z & 29JUL21 / 0700Z - SPOTTING New Video Open Call @LSZH

New Spotting Schedule at Zurich International Airport LSZH | Expert Server

Hello again everyone! I hope you are all well and i’m sure you are super excited with the new update and the A333 rework! So for this week i choose a new airport coming with 21.4 LSZH to welcome the Edelweiss A330 in Infinite Flight! Before mentioning the detalis of this event i would like to kindly ask you to keep diversity in aircraft selection! We all adore the new reworked aircraft but we have to keep the traffic realistic. To help keep the balance i will have below a few suggested routes with and without the A333! As i completely understand the frustration of those who dont make it in the cut of my videos, from now on spotting windows will last for one hour each and not two hours as i did so far. I hope i can include more pilots in this way. So if you want to be a part of my new event, simply write my here in the comments your ROUTE, CALLSIGN and AIRCRAFT. I have attached a link that will help you with route selection! Looking forward seeing you all again!

Suggested Routes

Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
Swiss LX333 EGLL (London) LSZH (Zurich) A330-300 @Jxshua
TAP TP926 LPPT (Lisbon) LSZH (Zurich) A320 - 200 @RyMan
Aegean A3558 LGMK (Mykonos) LSZH (Zurich) A320 - 200 @parson
Swiss LX177 WSSS (Singapore) LSZH (Zurich) B777 - 300ER @Kurtis
Swiss LX243 OMDB (Dubai) LSZH (Zurich) A330-300 @Rifz
Croatia Air OU460 LDZA (Zagreb) LSZH (Zurich) Dash-8 Q400 @TheGynSpotter
Aegean A3851 LSZH (Zurich) LGAV (Athens) A320 - 200 @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX
Singapore SQ345 LSZH (Zurich) WSSS (Singapore) A350 - 900 @salim_bello
Edelweiss WK350 LSZH (Zurich) LGIR (Heraklion) A330-300 @IFC-HarrisArrieta
American AA9747 LSZH (Zurich) KPHL (Philadelphia) B787-9
Lufthansa LH2369 LSZH (Zurich) EDDM (Munich) CRJ - 900 @That_Guy14
Turkish TK1910 LSZH (Zurich) LTFM (Istanbul) A330-300 @NepalAviator_RBX

Feel free to chose any other route that exists! This list is just a suggestion

Spotting Schedule

July 27, 2021 10:00 AMJuly 27, 2021 11:00 AM
July 28, 2021 8:00 PMJuly 28, 2021 8:59 PM
July 29, 2021 7:00 AMJuly 29, 2021 8:00 AM


would love to do this one!

let me work out my timing and then i’ll get back to you :)

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I signed you up! See you there :)

SQ345|LSZH (Zurich)|WSSS (Singapore)|A350 -900

I will love to handle this route :)

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Perfect! It’s now yours :)

Thank you.

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I’ll do this mate 👍

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Thank you my friend!

I would like to take the route to Istanbul on the A330.

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I’ll be there for the first ‘wave’ tomorrow :)

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Great 👌 see you there

Perfect! I’ll see you tomorrow then 😊

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Edelweiss WK350 LSZH (Zurich) LGIR (Heraklion) A330-300
July 28 · 3:00PM / 2000Z

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You are now signed up! Thank you!

Can I fly-in from Istanbul as TK1907 on the new A330-300, and then depart back as TK1908 on the 28th

Hello! The departure route is already been registered by another pilot but you can fly in of course :)

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Sure no worries, thanks

See you there :)

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Swiss LX177 28th pls

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hi can i have KL1952, Zurich-Amsterdam with the KLM a330?