{CLOSED} 26SEP21/1230Z [Spotting video] The desert fly out! @KPHX


Phoenix. The city of the American desert. Where it’s hot all year round and you won’t see snow. While there is not a lot around. You do have a great sports stadium, several high rises and lots of friendly people! All major us airlines fly out of KPHX to both international and domestic. After the success of my first ever event! I’ve decided to do a Nice sunrise fly out/in in Phoenix! Happy flying!


Airport:Phoenix Sky Harbour/KPHX

Time:1230Z 2021-09-26T12:30:00Z

Terminal 3 south side:

F Gates:
F2 Frontier F9750 KPHX-KDEN|A320 @AndrewGraham
F1 FrontierF92157 KPHX-KLAS|A320
F4 Delta DL2849 KPHX-KLAS|A321
F6 Delta DL727 KPHX-KATL|A330
F8 Delta connection, Skywest DL3894 KPHX-KLAX|E170
F10 Delta DL795 KPHX-KJFK|B757-200 @Captain_Dreamliner

F Gates arrivals:
F4 Delta DL683 KATL-KPHX|A321

Terminal 3 North side:

15:United UA1840 KPHX-KSFO|B737-800 New livery @Flyingshib
20: United UA1846 KPHX-KORD|B737-900
23:United UA1134 KPHX-KEWR|B737-800 New livery
26: United UA2325 KPHX-KDEN|B737-900 @Captain_Yousef

Terminal 4 south side:

C gates:

C1 Southwest WN5423 KPHX-KHOU|B737-700
C2 Southwest WN6109 KPHX-KLAX|B737-700
C3 Southwest WN1329 KPHX-KABQ|B737-700
C13 Southwest WN3420 KPHX-KLAX|B737-800 @Kostas_K
C16 Southwest WN5538 KPHX-KMDW|B737-800
C17 Southwest WN1121 KPHX-KCLE|B737-700

Terminal 4 North side:

B Gates:

B3 American AA1718 KPHX-KSANA321 @CMR
B5 American AA544 KPHX-KLAX|A320 @Marcus3
B6 American operated by Skywest AA3288 KPHX-KASE|Crj700
B10 American AA1388 KPHX-KJFK|B737-800
B11 American AA1569 KPHX-KBOS|B737-800 @Cityflyer
B23A British Airways BA288

A gates arrivals:
A1 American operated by Skywest AA3288 KASE-KPHX|crj700
A3 American AA1678 KCLT-KPHX|A321
A5 American AA1808 KLAS-KLAX|A321

B gate arrivals:

B25 British airways BA25 EGLL-KPHX|B777-200ER @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO
B3 American AA1718 KDFW-KPHX|A321 @CMR

More gates can be added if needed/requested


If IFATC are present, follow their instructions and remember, their instructions override all flight plans.
I am not responsible for any violations received
Please adhere to all expert server rules.

Atc list

Ground: @AviationChampion
Tower: @AviationChampion
ATIS: @AviationChampion

Spawn time 1210Z

I have attached a picture of the airport terminal for reference.

I hope everyone enjoys the event and I hope to see you there soon!
Please comment your gate below. If you are an arrival, you can also do a departure!
Happy flying!


You can now reserve your flight! Happy flying everyone!

This one please

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Sure I will put you down for it

@AndrewGraham here ya go! Happy flying!

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This time I would like to sign up with this gate!

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Yes! I will sign you up! Please be aware of the new date at the top, now the 25th due to fnf the day prior

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@Flyingshib here you go!

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I have now attached a map for reference

Anyone else like to book some gates?

My new arrival flight!

Big news! This will be made into a spotting video!

B5 American AA544 KPHX-KLAX|A320 I’d like to take this one please.

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Sure! I will get u down

Here you go!

Can I please have this one?

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Hi there. I’d really like to join this event. I’m after a parking spot for Malaysian Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur. Am I able to get a gate assignment for the A350-900? This will be an official VA flight. Thank you.

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Here you go!

Hello! I will get some gates for you! Will it be just you or others and if so how many? I will set up some remote gates probably near terminal 4 (The American Airlines side, B and A gates)

Once I know the numbers I will either put you in the east cargo gates or west cargo gates because of limited wide body gates