[Closed] [24 Attending] Lets Fill Raleigh Durham! @KRDU 232000ZNOV19

This is what I mean by the “time thing.”

Where does it say the 19th in the title?

Can I get C1 to SLC please?

You got it!

For sure! How about a Delta CRJ-700 operated by GoJet at gate D14RJ?

D14RJ Delta Connection (GoJet) KCMH CRJ-700

I would love to do this flight. Nevermind I will do the CRJ-700

Just realized there was a flight.

IF doesn’t have a Delta A320 in the game, do you want an A319 instead or do you want to stick with the CRJ?

I’ll stick with the CRJ

Alright! Ive signed you up!

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Sweet! Maybe in the future we could do a short-haul KCMH flyout! That would be cool to see.

Hmmm, maybe… O.O

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1:30 AM here, hope u make it according the Toronto timinfs lol

Can I take south cargo 3

For sure! Thanks.

May I have this gate please? May callsign will be FFT2067
Btw nice event

For sure! Thanks!

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Thank you!

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More attendees! Under 2 months to the event!

I would like GA East 08, please.
Flying TBM930 to KTYS.
@Kansas_Scotty [N145FP]