[Closed] [24 Attending] Lets Fill Raleigh Durham! @KRDU 232000ZNOV19

I love how only the delta guys at T2 plus speedy showed up.

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Did everyone just leave?

People are starting to show up.

@speedyyy5 you may have lost connection.

i have full connection. It showed 5 or 6 people then they all vanished. maybe thanos?

Edit: they are back

Alright, if you are spawned in, you may push back.


Last min but if it’s not too late I’ll join with C19 to Miami :)

Sure. Just spawn in and push back when ready.

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for some reason my graphics aren’t working

Well, I’d say that was pretty successful. Thanks for the great flyout!

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I agree! That was pretty awesome. Happy landings to everyone!

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@Voyager456 be sure to take pics of Paris!

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This brings back memories from my first event…

Thanks everyone for attending. I know it wasn’t big, but I have two future flyouts that will be super fun! I hope to see you at them!

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I hope to see you all at one of these two flyouts!

Finally made it to Knoxville, fighting terrible headwinds all the way. My daughter lives near Raleigh so I was glad to see that airport. Thanks for setting it up.

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it!

Once again, great event. As I type this I am on final approach into Seattle. Lots of turbulence for most of the flight but I still enjoyed! Looking forever to the next event @ Orlando & Dulles respectively.

Sorry man I forgot about the event

It’s all good!

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