[CLOSED] 22APR23 / 0900Z & 22APR23 1700Z - OPEN CALL Kostas K Plane Spotting @LPMA

Plane Spotting Open Call at Madeira Airport

Hello everyone! It’s time to prepare for our next and hopefully windy event in LPMA Madeira airport! Not our usual big airport spotting so spots will be limited for this one to avoid chaos ;) LPMA is a very unique airport and a tricky one when it’s windy so if you like the challenge, you should definitely try this one! Rules for sign ups are the same. Simply mention down below your desired ROUTE, AIRCRAFT and CALLSIGN. See attached some desired routes I’d like to catch but feel free to choose any real life route you like! Find a link to FR24 and Wikipedia to help you choose either a seasonal route or a permanent one. @Dom_Stewart is here to help and happy to respond to any questions you may have prior to the event :) See you soon!



Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
easyJet Manchester (EGCC) Funchal (LPMA) A320 @ThatDudeFliesYT
Swiss Geneva (LSGG) Funchal (LPMA) BCS3 @Kostas_K
Eurowings Cologne (EDDK) Funchal (LPMA) A320/ A319 @3Ssomy167
Ryanair Dublin (EIDW) Funchal (LPMA) B738 @tjb0709
TAP Lisbon (LPPT) Funchal (LPMA) E190 @Aviation_Flights09
Luxair Luxembourg (ELLX) Funchal (LPMA) B737 @Flyin.Hawaiian
Wizzair Vienna (LOWW) Funchal (LPMA) A321 @Dom_Stewart
British Airways London (EGLL) Funchal (LPMA) A320 @Captain_Emergency


Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
TAP Funchal (LPMA) Porto (LPPR) A320 @IF_California
easyJet Funchal (LPMA) Lisbon (LPPT) A320 @MANDELA
TUI Funchal (LPMA) Dusseldorf (EDDL) B738
Transavia Funchal (LPMA) Paris (LFPO) B738
Jet2 Funchal (LPMA) Leeds (EGNM) B738 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
Edelweiss Funchal (LPMA) Zurich (LSZH) A320 @AviationAlpha
SAS Funchal (LPMA) Stockholm (ESSA) A320 @Mr_A1B3RT

More Routes HERE:


Saturday, April 22, 2023 9:00 AMSaturday, April 22, 2023 10:00 AM
Saturday, April 22, 2023 5:00 PMSaturday, April 22, 2023 6:00 PM

ATC Controllers

Window ATIS Ground Tower Approach

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the icao wrong btw

second group G-Cali

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which one?

You are signed up! Thank you :)

for funchai

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Hello @Kostas_K !!
Can I have the TAP A330 from Lisbon please?
It’s normally on A332 (A339 neo is also operated)

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The first group please.😉

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This for sure

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EasyJet Europe | Berlin [EDDB] → Funchal [LPMA] | EJU5333 | A320 | Second Wave

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This one please Kostas!
Callsign: Speedbird 177A

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On the first wave :)

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@Aviations_flights09 (LPPT) - (LPMA) TAP E175 hope this is right hope for the best

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this please

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TUI Funchal (LPMA) Amsterdam (EHAM)

This one please😇

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@Mayank_Pawar @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek @IF-GER-SPEC-Max @Captain_Emergency @Aviation_Flights09 @Flyin.Hawaiian @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX You are now signed up guys! Thanks so much, looking forward to it!


Can I have a Norwegian 737-800 to Oslo? Second wave please

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Cheers mate! Probably a stupid question, but will this be a YouTube video?

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Yeah, this will be

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There are no stupid questions :) Yeap it will

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