[Closed] [22 Attending] Tampa Bay Flyout @ KTPA - 241900ZFEB19

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Tampa International Airport in 2018 had over 21 million passengers with over 20 airlines making it the 29th buisiest airport in North America. With only 3 runways it had over 200,000 aircraft operations, operating 100-150 flights per day. It is a focus city for Southwest Airlines and has destinations in the U.S, Central America, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Server: Expert

Airport: KTPA

Time: 1900Z 2019-02-24T19:00:00Z

NOTAM: This is on Expert Server so please be professional. Use Unicom properly if there is no ATC. Please spawn in at least 15 minutes before the event starts. If there is a route that is not listed that you want, please tell me and I will try to change it. Flight plan and fuel are to be created yourself. Departing runway(s) will be announced the day of the event.

Terminal A Airlines

Alaska Airlines
Spirit Airlines
United Airlines

Terminal C Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Terminal E Airlines

Delta Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Air Canada

Terminal F Airlines

American Airlines
British Airways
Copa Airlines
Norwegian Air Shuttle

Routes - Please ask me if you want anything changed

Terminal A

A1 - United Airlines B737-900 to KEWR - @Carlo-Espino10
A3 - United Airlines B737-800 to KIAD -
A4 - United Airlines A320 to KIAH - @marquise_carter
A5 - United Airlines B737-800 to KSFO -
A6 - United Airlines B737-900 to KORD - @Brad_Hoffman
A7 - United Airlines B737-900 to KDEN -
A8 - Spirit Airlines A320 to KBWI -
A9 - Spirit Airlines A321 to KLAS -
A10 - JetBlue E190 to KDCA -
A11 - Alaska Airlines B737-800 to KSEA - @Dylan_M
A12 - JetBlue A321 to KBOS -
A13 - Spirit Airlines A320 to KFLL -
A14 - Spirit Airlines A320 to KDTW -
A15 - JetBlue A320 to TJSJ -
A16 - Spirit Airlines A321 to KMSP -
A17 - JetBlue A321 to KJFK - @Sebastian9915
A18 - Spirit Airlines A320 to KBDL -

Terminal C (3 Gates Remaining!)

C30 - Southwest Airlines B737-700 to KDCA - @JeromeJ
C31 - Southwest Airlines B737-700 to KDAL -
C32 - Southwest Airlines B737-700 to KIND - @Joseph007
C33 - Southwest Airlines B737-700 to KATL - @FrankieFremont
C34 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KMDW - @ClarenceTheAvgeek
C35 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KDEN - @Luke_Sta
C36 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KDEN - @GlobalFlyer1
C37 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KISP - @esant_15
C38 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KSTL -
C39 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KBWI - @anon82246052
C40 - Southwest Airlines B737-700 to KLAX - @Gavin_cx
C41 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KPVD - @Cargo
C42 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KLAX - @Will_Ford_Jr
C43 - Southwest Airlines B737-700 to KAUS -
C44 - Southwest Airlines B737-700 to KRDU - @QFA_12
C45 - Southwest Airlines B737-800 to KLAS - @Eric_T

Terminal E

E62 - Delta Airlines B737-800 to KLAX -
E64 - Delta Airlines A321 to KLGA - @757fan
E65 - Delta Airlines A319 to KCVG -
E66 - Frontier Airlines A320 to KDEN -
E67 - Delta Airlines B737-900 to KATL - @Kate_Russell
E68 - WestJet B737-700 to CYYZ -
E69 - Air Canada B767-300 to CYYZ -
E70 - Frontier Airlines A320 to KPVD -
E71 - Air Canada Rouge A319 to CYUL -
E72 - Delta Airlines A321 to KBOS -
E73 - Frontier Airlines A321 to KORD -
E74 - Frontier Airlines A320 to KPHL -
E75 - Delta Airlines CRJ-700 to KRDU -

Terminal F

F78 - American Airlines A320 to KCLT -
F79 - American Airlines A321 to KDFW -
F80 - American Airlines B737-800 to KMIA -
F81 - American Airlines B737-800 to KORD -
F82 - Copa Airlines B737-800 to MPTO -
F83 - American Airlines A320 to KPHX -
F84 - American Airlines A320 to KDCA -
F85 - American Airlines A320 to KPHL -
F86 - American Airlines B737-800 to KDFW -
F87 - Lufthansa A340-600 to EDDF - @joslleymiguel_holand
F88 - SAS A330-300 to ENGM - @Jens_Severin
F89 - American Airlines B737-800 to KDCA -
F90 - British Airways B777-200ER to EGKK -

Thank you for joining my event! Gate requests will close 15 minutes before the event starts.
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Hey mate, nice event, would love to make it but my event conflicts with it.

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I had to change it to February 24 anyway

I’ll take gate C37 to KISP! :)

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will take this gate but would like the destination changed to LAX. thanks and hope this goes well


I’ll take this gate to KDCA

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@esant_15, @Delta319, @JeromeJ you guys are signed up, thanks for coming!


I’ll take gate C31

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@Matthew_20204 you’re in, see you there!

I would love a gate for the United 739 to San Francisco !

I know it is operated by a 738 but I prefer the United 739

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@GlobalFlyer1 you’re signed up, thanks for coming!

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Thanks, see you there

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can i have this gate please

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Hi Brad
I guess this is in the evening in Norway, so I think I will be able to join your event
I’ll be a Norwegian 787, callsign Rednose to ENGM
Just give me a random gate
(I know this isn’t a route they operate IRL, but they operate long haul to Oslo, so I hope it will be fine)

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@joslleymiguel_holand you are signed up, see you there!
@Jens_Severin you are at F88, see you there!


I guess that gate F90 will Not be in use?
The dreamliner is quite big

F88 holds a 789

I know, but F90 would crash into me if someone stood there

Or else you could remove 1 or 2 gates to accommodate the 787 if it comes to that.

No they wouldn’t lol. https://twitter.com/flytpa/status/1073209690107060226?s=21