[Closed - 21 Attending - Partnered with USCG and AMVA] Dallas - Fort Worth Fly-out @ KDFW - 241900ZAUG19


Dallas Fort Worth Fly-Out @ KDFW

Date & Time : 2019-08-24T19:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Event Introduction & Description:

Join us in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas for a fly-out event! Dallas Fort Worth International Airport 1 (KDFW/DFW). Is the second largest airport in the united states and the fifteenth largest in the world. Currently, it is the largest American Airlines hub connecting the east and west coast.

Event NOTAM:

Remember to be as realistic as possible during this event. Spawn at your assigned gate with the correct plane and livery, taxi at realistic speeds, give way to other planes and communicate via Unicom when necessary. Trolling will NOT be tolerated! This event takes place on the expert server so all rules will be enforced. If ATC is active at the airport, please follow all of their instruction as you may be subject to ghosting.

Airlines List:

These are the airlines that Dallas Fort Worth serves sorted by terminals. Some airlines may be restricted to only one gate. Click here 1 for the list of destinations.Remember that not all seasonal routes operate during this time of year.

Terminal A

A08- KAUS American 1326 - a321 @snoman


A10- KSLC American 1006 - B738

A11- KBNA American 1009 - B738

A13- KLGA American 1011 - A321

A14- MGGT American 1013 - B738

A15- KIND American 1018 - B738

A16- KBWI American 103 - B738

A17- KEWR American 1035 - B738

A18- KMIA American 1042 - A321

A19- KRNO American 1050 - B738

A20- KORD American 1052 - B738

A21- MROC American 1053 - B738

A22- KDCA American 1055 - B738

A23- KLGA American 1056 - A321

A24- KMIA American 1219 - B772ER

A25- MHRO American 1069 - B738

A28- KBNA American 1076 - A321

A29- KSEA American 1079 - A321

A33- KONT American 1086 - B738

A34- KTUL American 1092 - B738

A35- KRIC American 1096 - B738

A36- KTUS American 1097 - B738

A37- KMSP American 1100 - B738

A38- CYYZ American 1111 - B738

A39- KSJC American 1113 - B738

Terminal B

B01- MMAS American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3691 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B02- KASE American Eagle (Operated by Skywest) 3250 - CRJ 200/700/900

B03- KBFL American Eagle (Operated by Skywest) 5886 - CRJ 200/700/900

B04- MMDO American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3318 - Embraer 135/140/145

B05- KIAH American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 4028 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B06- KFLG American Eagle (Operated by Skywest) 2956 - CRJ 200/700/900

B07- KSGFAmerican Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3887 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B08- KMGM American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3471 - Embraer 135/140/145

B09- KPNS American Eagle (Operated by PSA) 3324 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B10- KRIC American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3560 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B11- KSAV American Eagle (Operated by PSA) 5393 - CRJ 200/700/900

B12- KVPS American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5906 - CRJ 200/700/900

B13- KASE American Eagle (Operated by Skywest) 3250 - CRJ 200/700/900

B14- KMEM American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3853 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B15- KDAY American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3772 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B16- KDSM American Eagle (Operated by Skywest) 3154 - CRJ 200/700/900

B17- KFAR American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3615 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B18- KECP American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5734 - CRJ 200/700/900

B19- KIAH American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 4028 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B20- KPNS American Eagle (Operated by PSA) 3324 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B21- KFLG American Eagle (Operated by Skywest) 2956 - CRJ 200/700/900

B22- KSHV American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3498 - CRJ 200/700/900

B24- KGPT American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5714 - CRJ 200/700/900

B25- KLBB American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5780 - CRJ 200/700/900

B26- KAVL American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5950 - CRJ 200/700/900

B27- KPHX American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5795 - CRJ 200/700/900

B28- KELP American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5874 - CRJ 200/700/900

B29- KICT American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 4157 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B30- KAMA American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 4247 - Embraer 170/175/190/195




B34- MMMY American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3515 - Embraer 170/175/190/195


B36- KMYR American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 4191 - Embraer 170/175/190/195

B38- KABQ American Eagle (Operated by Mesa) 5987 - CRJ 200/700/900


B39- KBIL American Eagle (Operated by Envoy) 3339 - Embraer 170/175/190/195











Terminal C

C02- MMSD American 1117 - B738

C04- SKBO American 1123 - A319

C06- TNCA American 1131 - B738

C07- KRIC American 1133 - B738

C08- KDTW American 1146 - A321 @Kevinsoto1502

C10- KBOS American 1148 - B752 @AAEagle

C11- KRDU American 1155 - B738 - @Bren_McDonell

C12- KSFO American 1175 - B738

C14- KAUS American 1176 - A321 - @Suhas

C15- KFLL American 1180 - B738

C16- KBWI American 1185 - B738

C17- KLGA American 1187 - A321

C19- MMUN American 1190 - A321

C20- KLGA American 1191 - A321

C21- KJAX American 12 - A321

C22- KIND American 1202 - B738

C24- KLAS American 1203 - A321

C26- KAUS American 1205 - A321 @BadPlane

C27- KLGA American 1206 - A321

C28- KTUS American 1207 - B738

C29- KDCA American 1208 - A321

C30- MMPR American 1215 - B738

C31- KCLT American 1216 - A321 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114

C33- KSAN American 1064 - A321/B738

C35-KRNO American 1223 - B738

C36- MMSD American 1225 - B738

C37- KSAN American 1229 - A321

C39- KMKE American 1234 - B738

Terminal D

D06- MMMX Aeromexico - B737 AMVA CEO @Enrique_Fernandez

D07- MMMX Aeromexico - B737 AMVA 19 @AliAlex

D09- MMMX Aeromexico - B737 @DIEGO11

D10- MMMX Aeromexico - B737

D11A- LFPG Air France 159 - A332

D12- MMMX Aeromexico - B737

D14A- OMDB Emirates 222 - B77L/2/3

D16x- RJAA Japan Airline 11 -B789

D17A- RJAA American 175 - B773 @anon45500775

D18A- EBBR Singapore 7951 - B744

D20- KMIA American 997 - B77W @Altaria55

D21- MMMX Aeromexico - B737

D23- EGLL American 50 - B773 @Rafe.Storr

D25- YSSY Qantas 8 - A380

D27A-EIDW American 132 - B789

D29A- RKSI Korean Airlines 32 - B772

D30- PANC China Airlines 5253 -B744

D33- LFPG American 22 -B789

D34- MMMX Aeromexico - B737

D36- EGLL BAW 192 - B772

D37- MMDO Volaris 299 - A320

D38- MMGL Volaris 893 - A319

D40- MMMX Aeromexico - B737

Terminal E

E02- KSEA Alaska 233 - B739

E04- KPDX Alaska 655 - A320 @ButterMachine

E05- KDEN Frontier 123 - A320

E06- KMCO Frontier 2134 - A320

E07- KLAS Frontier 2135 - A320

E08- KPHL Frontier 2300 - A320

E09- KBBG Frontier 734 - A320

E10- KBOS JetBlue 714 - A320

E11- KBOS JetBlue 1214 - A320

E12- KDEN United 1225 - B738/A319

E13- KDEN United 1493 - A319 (Generic)

E14- KEWR United 1714 - B738

E15- KEWR United 1792 - A320

E16- KEWR United 1834 - A320

E17- KIAD United 1847 - A319 (Generic)

E18- KIAH United 1859 - A319 (Generic)

E19- KORD United 1868 - A319 (Generic)

E20- KORD United 1937 - A319 (Generic)

E21- KSFO United 2093 - B739

E22- KORD United 2199 - A319 (Generic)

E23- KFLL Spirit 972 - A320

E24- KPHX Spirit 971 - A320

E25- KORD Spirit 948 - A321

E26- KORD Spirit 940 - A321

E27- KMCO Spirit 904 - A320

E28- KMCO Spirit 902 - A319

E29- MMUN Spirit 893 - A321

E30- KLAX Spirit 869 - A321

E31- KMYR Spirit 822 - A319 (Generic)

E32- KLAS Spirit 817 - A319 (Generic)

E33- KTPA Spirit 812 - A319 (Generic)

E34- KMSP Spirit 742 - A321

E35- KFLL Spirit 740 - A320

E36- KSEA Spirit 739 - A320

E37- KDTW Spirit 734 - A319 (Generic)

E38- KDEN Spirit 719 - A320

Cargo List:


01- KSDF UPS 9301 - MD11F

02- KSDF UPS 765 - MD11F

03- USCG 0001 - C130J @ZaneDavis

04- YBNA UPS - A330F @nincombop

05- USCG 0701 - C130J @LavernDavisJr1

06- USCG 1401 - C130J @Cheryl_Tunt

07- OPEN

08- OPEN

09- OPEN

10- OPEN

11- OPEN

12- OPEN

13- OPEN


01- OPEN

02- OPEN

03- OPEN

04- EINN Omni Air International - DC-10 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

05- OPEN


01- KMEM FedEx 464 - MD11F

02- KMEM FedEx 473 - DC10F

03- OPEN

04- OPEN

05- OPEN

06- OPEN

07- OPEN


2-1- OPEN

2-2- OPEN

2-3- OPEN

3-1- ELLX Cargolux 6616 - B748

3-2- EDDF AeroLogic 419 - B772F

3-3- OPEN

Gate Assignments:

Reserve your gate by commenting on the flight number and gate. The schedule below is based off a real-world timetable with some additions. We have included some open Gates marked ‘OPEN’, we allowed these for those who want to partake in a custom route. You are allowed to modify the flight details, but be sure they are realistic to the event i.e. no xcub plane to replace a B789. The flight number has been included to tie it to the realistic route you are not required to use it.

Sponsor and Partnerships:

If you would like to Sponsor or Partner with this event please contact @SSGTRocky or @ZaneDavis

The United States Coast Guard Virtual is proud Partner of this Fly-Out Event.

Welcome to the United States Coast Guard - Protecting our Borders since 2017

Since USCG-IF Virtual opened up on February 15, 2017, we have always strived for professionalism and realism within our ranks and with all of our missions. Whether patrolling the coast, rescuing passengers from a stranded cruise ship, conducting drug interceptions or flying through hurricanes to rescue and evacuate people in danger, USCG-IF Virtual is always on call and ready to serve.

Our most junior pilots begin their career at USCG with our Flight School. Here they will earn their Type Rating for their chosen aircraft, and improve their personal piloting skills through our basic and advanced training missions. From there, our pilots have the opportunity to progress through the ranks and the most elite will earn leadership roles commanding a group of pilots. Don’t worry though, even our most senior pilots have to fly check rides to keep their skills up to date!

USCG is recruiting! Click on the link below to join us today.

Join us! | Website | Contact Us | Pilot Portal

Aeromexico Virtual is a proud Partner of this Fly-Out Event!

Aeromexico Virtual [AMVA]

We are young, creative and genius people full of love who are united since the beginning of this journey and always wanted a place to enjoy our passion; and that turns AMVA into “The line that unites us”. An enormous choice of routes, a big fleet, community events, the most advanced flight training, experienced and highly-prepared staff and high realism in all our operations and procedures are just a few things or advantages that every member of our airline enjoys. And while the aviation and Infinite Flight continue growing, we are always open mind to receive new knowledges and keep growing and adapting to become a better and more perfect virtual airline.

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Credits to @nathan for the descriptions and NOTAMS.

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I’ll take AAL Cargo Gate 04, Omni Air International DC-10 to Shannon EINN.

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I’ll take American to RJAA, if it’s possible…
D gates

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk and @anon45500775 you have been added. Thanks for joining!

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Gate C14 please! ( C26 is open @BadPlane )


You have been add. Thank you for joing.


Thanks! Cya there🙃


Can I have Gate C26

I’ll take you up @Suhas


@BadPlane You have been added. Thank you for coming!

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Is it possible to change to a B752? Thanks.


I’ll create a custom one! A08 - KAUS American 1326 - a321

I’m joining you @Suhas and @BadPlane 😉

Thanks and see you there!


Yeeeehaw! Three austinites, same plane, same destination! Now we’re talkin💪🏾


@AAEagle Of course. C10 with B752 to KBOS is all yours. Thank you for joining.


@snoman I have added it to the list. Thank you for joining!


C08 to DTW A321 pls :)


Yes! My home airport! Any gate in Terminal D, 77W to KMIA!


@Kevinsoto1502 You have been added with the A321. Thank you for joining.

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@Altaria55 it has been added welcome aboard.

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I will take C31 please


@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 absolutely welcome and thank you for joining us.

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