(CLOSED) 20JUL20 / 2200Z - Split Summer Flyout @ LDSP

Photo Source:Developer Conference : Shift DEV 2018


Split International Airport or, Zračna luka Resnik, is located in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, 9 km away from the city the city it serves: Split. During the summer, the airport is busy and booming with flights from all over Europe and a lot of coorperate flghts aswell as tourists are eagerly wanting to visit the beautiful beaches and to experience the countries ancient culture and history. History and culture as old as 2,000 thousand years as Split once served as a home to Diocletian, as he believed that the cities strategic position would ensure the Empires absolute power. People also visit to experience great food and wine, great people and the amazing tropical islands.

Photo source: https://www.splitairport.info


The airport serves also as one of the countries main airline’s hub (Airline is Croatian Airlines).

The airport was constructed on the 25th of November, 1966. Upon construction, the airport had a plan of holding 50,000 passengers wich increased by about 25% in the coming years as in 1969, the passenger count reached 235,000! With numbers increasing, a new terminal was constructed in 2017 with plans of holding a capacity of 3.5 Million Passengers.


LDSP (Split) Airport Chart:


Image source: Flying - LDSP ILS Z Rwy 05 - no IAF?



The Expert Server


Split International Airport ICAO code: LDSP



If you want to sign up for the event, provide your gate number, airline and destination for the flight you want to do!


01     LDSP - EDDF   LUFTHANSA      A320-200     1hr:50min
02     LDSP - LDZA   CROATIAN AIR.  DH8Q400      00hr:45min
03     LDSP - LIRA   CROATIAN AIR.  DH8Q400      1hr:20min
04     LDSP - LOWW   CROATIAN AIR.  A319-200.    1hr:40Min
05     LDSP - EKCH   NORWEGIAN      B737-800NG   2hr:15min
06     LDSP - EGLL   BRITISH AIR.   A320-200     2hr:40min
07.    LDSP - LYBE   CROATIAN AIR.  DH8Q400      1hr:00min
08.    LDSP - LDDU   CROATIAN AIR.  DH8Q400      00hr:30min
09     LDSP - UUEE   AEROFLOT       A320-200.    2hr:30min
10     LDSP - LSZH   SWISS          A319-100.    1hr:35min
11.    LDSP - EGGK   EASYJET        A320-200     2hr:30min        @Tsumia
12.    LDSP - EGCC   EASYJET        A319-100.    3hr:10min.       @Igor_M
14.    LDSP - LGAVE  AEGEAN.        A320-200     1hr:36min

                             **EVENT INFORMATION**


I will not be responsible for any ghosting or inflight violations. There will be no ATC or IFATC available, so please keep a high level of professionalism and seriousness as we will be flying on the expert server. Be courteous and nice to each other aswell please :D


We will be taking off on runway 05, wich will require a backtaxi, so please be careful and mindful. Hold short of runway 05 when others are on takeoff so we don’t create problems.


Airport information source: Split Airport - Wikipedia

Happy flying and If you do sign up for the event, I hope you will find it fun!


I’ll take this to EGKK with the EasyJet A320. Ryanair barely ever uses Gatwick :^)

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Ok cool! Ill sign you up!

Hey, easyJet don’t fly to Split from Birmingham, as a result I will take any easyJet A319 gate to Manchester. Thanks ;)

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Oops! I thought I changed it to EGCC when making It but I guess I forgot to… Anyway, I will sign you up!

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If anyone has anything that needs to be changed or mistakes to acknowledged, please let me know and I will fix them!

Please let me know if you want to join!

I think I am going to cancel this event. I just think I can make a different event that is so much better quality. Also I do believe that not many people will join and plus the date when the event is taking place quite far away. Thank you to everyone who signed up and sorry for any inconveniences!

Happy flying everyone!

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