Closed... 2015/16 Golden Peanut Award Nomination Request (Revised)


The First Annual Community “Golden Peanut Award” is about to be presented. Rather than my picks let’s make it a community effort. It will be awarded for superior contributions. Please identify any individual, group or tutorial author and nominate them below or by PM to @Maxmustang , if you prefer to remain anonymous for recognition. Only Five Awards will be presented at a date of my choosing: please use the following format; (Name/Group/Tutorial Author) (Category) narrative (Why). FDS employees, volunteers are not eligible! A board of governors of my choosing will select the winners. Nominations must be in by Sunday Noon, 4/24/16.


Without wanting to blow my own trumpet but we all put loads of work into this:

IFOC (Olympic organising group + judges) (GROUP):

@Thomas_Galvin, @IceBlue, @dush19, @Carson and @Benjamin_Wayman


Category pls.

Exception will be made for yr FDS employee, olde what’s his name. Max

He wasn’t a mod anyways then :)

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Wait…what are the awards? Like what’s the criteria? Events? People? I’m just confused. What is the category?

Tom, As indicated your chose the Category & criteria be it event, tutorial, individual ect for recognition. The Board of Governors will makes the selection of awardees and select the appropriate classification of the award. ( eg: Crumudgin of the Year, MaxMustang, Awarded for superior BS in all categories…) The example is a humorous example. The actual awards presented will be for superior performance, Exceptional Contribution, Technical Acumen, Longest Running Original Topic, etc. Max Sends

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One thing, my understanding was that being called a “peanut” was negative, this awards is positive right?


It’s a friendly joke which I doubt anyone will take the wrong way. It’s a good thing yes. @Aernout


@Aernout… MaxSez: It’s the “Golden Peanut”, it’s positive and meant to honor individuals. If you’ll check the archive you’ll Find “Good Peanuts” & “Bad Peanuts”. “Bad Peanuts” where issued to dufesses only and where declared a violation of the rules. Thus the where suspended on the General Furum as directed and only issued to “Regulars”. If this award Is deemed inappropriate Pls advise.


Who’s peanuts are golden?

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@Harry… MaxSez: Give me a brake Harry, get with the program. Just trying to get the forgotten contributors recognized. Your odviously not one.

I’m just not forgotten. :)

Just making sure It’s positive, looking forward for the end result :)


Haha i just saw the Topic…and i was like… Again…!!!This must be Max!
Indeed This is Max
Max Sez…he loves peanut awards
He just got one and proudly posted a pic of the same
Be like Max ;) to get a peanut award!

I’ve already gotten a special peanut!

MaxSez: No my friends @Phoenix1 & @hmkane. these’s are special annual golden awards for special people. Nominate someone you consider eligible.

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@Maxmustang… I know someone who would like this…

@Captain_DJ… Nominate the person, use a PM if you choose. Max

Is this a Positive Peanut?