[CLOSED] 19FEB22 / 0900Z & 19FEB22 / 1800Z - A Time Machine to 1998 @VHHX

Plane Spotting Event in Hong Kong Kai Tak Intl VHHX

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Hello everyone and welcome to a new and unique spotting event! Get in my time machine and lets go back in the late 90s! 1998 was the last year Kai Tak Intl Airport was serving Hong Kong as it’s main International Airport! Kai Tak is also known for it’s special arrival procedure for RWY13 and this will be our arrival runway for the event! PLEASE NOTE! There are no procedures in IF for this airport but im providing you in this thread the charts for arrival procedures and missed approach. Keep in mind that aircrafts had to fly inside the city to get there so even though we dont have 3D cities, realism on approcah has to be on point! It’s difficult but fun at the same time. So, are you ready? Write me in the comments your CALLSIGN, ROUTE and AIRCRAFT to sign in! Only those who perform the approach according to the chart will be eligible for getting featured in the video! In the link bellow you can find a full list of all airlines and destinations that used to serve this airport.

Suggested Routes


Airline Departure (ICAO) Arrival (ICAO) Aircraft Pilot
Lufthansa Frankfurt (EDDF) Hong Kong (VHHX) B747-400 @MiglMicheal
Northwest Seattle (KSEA) Hong Kong (VHHX) B747-200 @CaptainSogoro1
Cathay Pacific Amsterdam (EHAM) Hong Kong (VHHX) B747-400 @THEREALPROPILOT
Japan Airlines Singapore (WSSS) Hong Kong (VHHX) B747-200 @Basilisk
British Airways Bangkok (VTBS) Hong Kong (VHHX) DC-10 @Nefarious
China Airlines Kuala Lumpur (WMSA) Hong Kong (VHHX) B747-400 @Aviator_KP
Air France Paris (LFPG) Hong Kong (VHHX) B747-400 @kit_v_kapushone


Airline Departure (ICAO) Arrival (ICAO) Aircraft Pilot
Emirates Hong Kong (VHHX) Dubai (OMDB) B777-200LR @med_hadi.a
Pan Am Hong Kong (VHHX) Los Angeles (KLAX) B747-200 @plane_guy12
Cathaty Pacific Hong Kong (VHHX) New York (KJFK) B747-200 @Gabriel_Duran
Alitalia Hong Kong (VHHX) Tokyo (RJAA) MD-11 @30AR
EVA Air Hong Kong (VHHX) Taipei (RCTP) A321-200 @Chris4435
KLM Hong Kong (VHHX) Amsterdam (EHAM) B747-200 @MikaL
SAS Hong Kong (VHHX) Copenhagen (EKCH) B747-200

Approach CHARTS


ATC Controllers

1 @WesleyHenrich @WesleyHenrich @WesleyHenrich @Ben_C
2 @Drxw @Drxw @Drxw

Spotting Schedule

February 19, 2022 9:00 AMFebruary 19, 2022 10:00 AM
February 19, 2022 6:00 PMFebruary 19, 2022 7:00 PM


shortest flight pls (arriving)

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Hey @Kostas_K can i take the flight JAL 742 from Singapore?

See you there :)

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Can I have the Eva air to Taipei first wave (departing A321-200) please

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I’ll take this arrival for the 2nd wave. Thanks Kostas!

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This please

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As usual, one of the waves ATC is on me!


Garuda Indonesia MD-11 from Jakarta to Hong Kong (Kai Tak)

This photo is taken at kai tak airport

Wave 1 please.

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@Chris4435 @VibrantPixel @Basilisk @MJP_27 @MiglMicheal You are signed up! Thank you guys


Awesome! Let me know which wave when you decide

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Thanks Kostas, can’t wait to see the video

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Chick on the link i have attached and choose any route that you like

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Second will be better, i will be in Crimea, and i hope internet will allow me to play IF

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Okay Good!

EK 777-200 to Dubai please! (Wave 1)

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I see you wanted Emirates too! You can fly the arrival if you want

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Yea 😂 can i fly in, Wave 1?

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@Kostas_K is it possible if u can add a short route for arrival? If not, ill stick with Emirates.

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These are only a few suggestions! In the link provided above you can see a full list of routes and choose any that you prefer

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Btw, can i take this for first wave?

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