CLOSED (19 ATTENDING) St. Barts landing competition! @TFFJ 151500ZAUG19

Oh, that’s alright. I’ll remove you then.

There’s many slots available! Join while you can! 😀

I think I can come, count me in!
Callsign: to be decided

Ok thanks for coming! You got gate 02!

Thank you @BravoCharlie!

Count me in!

Anytime! Glad you can come!

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Awesome mate! You got gate 03! Thanks for coming mate!

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Do you guys have any specific callsigns you’d like me to add? @Butter_Boi, @Andrey_Wing

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@MoonMantis thanks for the kind offer to be approach :)

Would you like to compete @MoonMantis?

Is it possible for me to join but spawn in at TNCM in a B777w? And try and land at St Barths?

Hmm. Sure. But after that then can you try in a C208?

Of course. 50/50 possiblity of me joining

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Alright, I’ll sign you up! Thanks for coming!

Does anyone else want to join?

VQ-E177 for me if then

My callsign will be FWI001, the ICAO code of Air Caiiribes.

Can I join? My call sign is Delta 2314 but I’ll show up in a 208 caravan obviously.

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Yes! Thanks for joining! You got cargo 02 :)

I want a gate please! I will be XA-EGL

Sure! Thanks for joining mate! You got Cargo 03!

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