CLOSED (19 ATTENDING) St. Barts landing competition! @TFFJ 151500ZAUG19

Its that time of the month again. Landing competition time!
This time, we take you to a voyage over the carribeans, and one of the hardest landings in the world!
As in every landing competition, there will be a winner, but unfortunately no prize. So if you’re in only for the prizes, this isn’t exactly your place. ;)

About St. Barts airport

The airport is served by small regional commercial aircraft and charters. Most visiting aircraft carry fewer than twenty passengers, such as the Twin Otter, a common sight throughout the northern West Indies and as a curiosity, the Canadian-built de Havilland Dash 7 is the largest aircraft ever allowed to operate at this airport. The short airstrip is at the base of a gentle slope ending directly on the beach. The arrival descent is extremely steep over the hilltop traffic circle; departing planes fly right over the heads of sunbathers (although small signs advise sunbathers not to lie directly at the end of the runway). The airport is located at the island’s second-largest town, St. Jean.

The History Channel programme Most Extreme Airports ranks Gustaf III airport, which is casually referred to as “St. Barth’s”, as the third most dangerous airport in the world. This YouTube video of a tourist almost hit by a Cessna 172 highlights the close confines of airport and traffic.


Server: Training.
Aircraft: Air caiiribes Cessna 208 caravan
Time: 2019-08-15T15:00:00Z2019-08-15T16:30:00Z
Location: TFFJ (St. Barthelemy)

So, how are we going to do this competition? Here are the rules which you will need to follow. They’re very simple! You have to follow all ATC instructions.

Here is an approach chart of the airport. We will use this when (if) making a go around, and when we takeoff and go inbound for landing.

Spawn at your assigned gate. We will be departing from closest to the runway, to furthest form the runway. ATC will be present to maintain traffic. Strictly takeoff from Runway 10, and make right traffic for runway 10, as you normally do when making a pattern. When on left downwind for runway 10, turn right at the start of the approach. Continue inbound as you normally do, and land on runway 10. After you’ve touchdown, back taxi back to any gate.

Some precautions to take note on

  • Strictly 1 go-around allowed. If you execute more, you will be disqualified.
  • The landings will be judged with 3 points;
  1. Centreline
  2. Smoothness
  3. Touchdown point
  • Judges will be judging your landing when you enter final, and go over the hill, to make the landing.
  • Incase of a much needed Go-around, make right traffic, and land on Runway 10.


( gates will begin upon sign-up )

Attendant gate Callsign
@BravoCharlie GA05 JAT001
@Captain_Tank 01 BAVA100
@Butter_Boi 02 LLL0001
@Andrey_Wing 03 VQE177
@Jack_green Cargo 01 None
@Ben_murtagh1 Cargo 02 Delta 2314
@Alejandro_Castaneda Cargo 03 XA-EGL
@Tommy_Botts Cargo 04 BAVA337
None GA06 None
@DeltaMD88Fan GA07 None
@Buttermachine001 GA08 None
@SB110 GA09 None
@Micah_Brazil GA10 None
@ButterMachine GA11 None
@Skyler.Cooper GA12 None
@RomeoStuff24 Hangar None
@Ben_Murtagh1 (Stand-by) None

ATC: @Ignas04 (Tower and Ground)
Spectator: @T1MMY4L1F3_YT, @ThomasThePRo

Well, I hope you’ll be able to come! Thanks for reading, and see you in the skies!

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If you’d like to be an ATC, please let me know here!


Actually, I can be ATC!

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Awesome! you’re ground and Tower then ;)

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let’s get this competition rollin’!

We got ATC, so the event will be held on TS.
Anyone wants to sign up? This is a very tricky landing ;)

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@Ignas04 should there be Approach ATC?

No need, since we’re using one airport the procedures can technically be classified as pattern work.

Ok, just wanted to check.

Then again, if the pilots want me to vector them correctly and establish on the ILS then I can open that as well.

It’s Your choice:

  1. Normal pattern instructions or
  2. Vectoring.

I can pull off both.

Just normal pattern instructions. Let’s continue in a PM if we need to Ensure we don’t fill up the thread ;)

Anyways, 4 days until the competition guys!
Who’d like to join? 😁

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Would like to join but I’m going to be at school.

Ohh, really? That’s a shame. :( Would you be able to come if I pushed the event a few hours?

Depends. Because I have homework and stuff also I may stay after school to do homework in the student center. But I could possibly

Huh, let me know as the event gets closer ;)

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Ok will do. Sorry if that was confusing. Also I don’t know if I could attend because I’m starting high school so I don’t want to be overwhelmed. It won’t be top priority but if I can attend I definitely will.

Oh, sure mate, no pressure. This is for fun so don’t let this take over your schedule :)

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Can I get a gate?

Of course! You got gate 01! Thanks for coming!

gate 02 please

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Sure! Thanks for coming! much appreciated!

wait sorry nvm i have school during that time sadly :(

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