[CLOSED] 18SEP2021 / 1900Z & 19SEP2021 / 0900Z - NEW Plane Spotting Open Call @BIKF

Plane Spotting in Keflavik Airport BIKF | Expert Server


Hello everyone! What an amazing week we have with so many new airports and the first neo in the app! Couldn’t be more excited and this week’s featured airport is a new addition released with the new update, Keflavik airport in Iceland! I know it’s not a neo destination but i am on the hunt for challenging weather condition and i think we will get lucky on this one! Write me below your CALLSIGN, AIRCRAFT and ROUTE you will be flying in this event to get you signed up! As always i will leave down some routes to choose from but of course you can choose any other route that is or was operated in real life! Looking forward to it!


Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
Iceland Air FI630 Boston (KBOS) Reykjavík (BIKF) B757-200 @Ben_Bino
United UA966 New York (KEWR) Reykjavík (BIKF) B757-200 @Captain_Dreamliner
Delta DL260 Minneapolis (KMSP) Reykjavík (BIKF) B757-200 @CMR
Lufthansa LH868 Frankfurt (EDDF) Reykjavík (BIKF) A320-200 @parson
Norwegian DY1170 Oslo (ENGM) Reykjavík (BIKF) B737-8 @Basilisk
Turkish Airlines TK6832 Goose Bay (CYYR) Reykjavík (BIKF) B737-9
Jet2 LS4087 Manchester (EGCC) Reykjavík (BIKF) B737-8 @Captain_Yousef


Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
WizzAir W62858 Reykjavík (BIKF) Vienna (LOWW) A320-200 @Gabriel_Duran
easyJet U26942 Reykjavík (BIKF) Edinburgh (EGPH) A320-200
SAS SK596 Reykjavík (BIKF) Copenhagen (EKCH) A320-200
Iceland Air FI306 Reykjavík (BIKF) Stockholm (ESSA) B757-200 @mkafula
Delta DL247 Reykjavík (BIKF) New York (KJFK) B767-300 @Chad_Burgi1
airBaltic BT170 Reykjavík (BIKF) Riga (EVRA) B757-200 @30AR
Iberia IB3661 Reykjavík (BIKF) Madrid (LEMD) A320-200 @Arizona_Aviator

Other routes can be found here:


September 18, 2021 7:00 PMSeptember 18, 2021 8:00 PM
September 19, 2021 9:00 AMSeptember 19, 2021 10:00 AM

Which airport do you want to be featured next?

  • Paris | LFPG
  • Boston | KBOS
  • Bangkok | VTBS
  • Frankfurt | EDDF

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I’ll be there in the first time window but i’ll come in with the HiFly A330neo but frome where i can’t say now i will inform you early enough
(bringing an Soccer Team for an World cup qualification game or something like that. As i am again trying to break my Flight time Rekord)


This is a charter airline right? So i guess its ok to bring the neo :)

Yeah HiFly is a Charter Airline

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Requesting this route please:

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Great! I signed you up :) Which window will you fly in?

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I’ll be flying the first leg of the spotting schedule

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Great! See you then :)

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Hey, I’ll fly first leg using easyJet A320 on route to Manchester !

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Hello! Great! See you on Saturday :)

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Can I do a delta 767 to JFK

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Isn’t the second window meant to be one hour instead of 11 hours?

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Hi,would it be okay,if I did A charter flight? Or would it be too unrealistic?😅

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Sure i just signed you up!

haha my mistake! I ficed it, thank you

Depends :P What do you have in mind?

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I will do FI441 from Manchester to BIKF with the Icelandair 757 in the second time window. btw when are you gonna release the tokyo video?

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A HiFly/Jet Airways A330neo/A330 from and to Mumbai (both airlines have/had operated charter flights)

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Great!! The RJTT video will be online tomorrow hopefully 😊

HiFly charter was the first sign up I got from @CrazyBee 😜

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