[Closed] [18 Attending!] [Sponsored By USCG Virtual] Come on down to New Orleans! [Let's Recreate a Live Airport No. 2] Louis Armstrong Intl. Flyout @ KMSY 192000ZOCT19

This event will be on Saturday, October 19, 2019. It is a part of a once-a-month series called, “Let’s Recreate a Live Airport.” In each event thread, a poll will be posted deciding the next airport. Airport Suggestions are strongly suggested. (No pun intended.)

Notice :

This event WAS NOT made in collaboration with @american_1549. I have taken the original event, and made it into my own series. Thank you.

Server: Expert

Airport: KMSY

Time: 2000Z Saturday, October 19, 2019 8:00 PMOctober 19, 2019

NOTAM: Runway 11/24 are not in use, because the new terminal is being built right next to it. Therefore, the only runway to be used is runway 2/24. The runway that you takeoff on, is also going to be the one other people are landing on, so be fast. Keep off the active runway if possible. Straight Out Departures only.

Message to ATC: If there is ATC, try NOT to use the line up and wait command, as it is barely used at the real KMSY.

Image Credit: FlyMsy.com

About the Airport: Louis Armstrong International Airport (KMSY) is the main airport for New Orleans, located in La Place (lah-plass), Louisiana. It was first built in 1940, and has not stopped serving us New Orleanians since.

Note: Some aircraft have been changed do to the Livery/Aircraft not being in-game.


Concourse B

Airline(s): Southwest Airlines

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
B1 B737 Southwest AIrlines KSAT @Airwolf SWVA5121
B2 B737 Southwest Airlines KTPA @Kevinsoto1502
B4 B737 Southwest Airlines KMDW
B5 B737 Southwest Airlines KPHX
B7 B737 Southwest Airlines KBCA
B8 B737 Southwest Airlines KBNA @Big_Elijah GREENDAY
B9 B738 Southwest Airlines KLAS @anon42527263 TBD
B15 B737 Southwest Airlines KLAX @TRDubh Solar 847
Concourse C

Airline(s): Spirit Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines, Alaskan Airlines, JetBlue, Frontier

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
C1 A320 Spirit Airlines KMEM
C2 A321 Spirit Airlines KBWI
C3 A320 Spirit Airlines KFLL
C4 A320 JetBlue KJFK
C5 A320 JetBlue KBOS
C6 A321 Frontier KPHL @Kuba_Jaroszczyk Frontier 92338
C7 B738 American Airlines KMIA
C8 A319 Alaskan Airlines KSFO @Alaska170 N727TH
C9 B739 Alaskan Airlines KSEA @NathanD Alaska 755
C10 A320 American KMCO @anon79257371 American 119
C11 B763/789 British Airways EGLL
C12 B738 American Airlines KORD
C13 B738 American Airlines KLAX @JuanCrafter_Pro American 2827
C14 A320 American Airlines KAUS
C15 B738 American Airlines KCLT
Concourse D

Airline(s): Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada Express

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
D1 E170 United Airlines KIAH
D2 A319 Delta Airlines KDTW
D3 A320 United Airlines KSFO @Sir_Baller UVAL168
D4 B712 Delta Airlines KMSP
D5 A320 United Airlines KEWR
D6 A319 Delta Airlines KLGA
D7 CRJ9 Air Canada Express CYYZ
D8 B739 Delta Airlines KJFK @Dwill827 DLVA827
D9 B739 United Airlines KIAH @DiamondGaming4 UVAL022
D10 B738 Delta Airlines KSLC @TheDeltaFlyerr DLVA435
D11 A320 United Airlines KIAD @Dingus
D12 B752 Delta Airlines KATL @Sunseeker58 DLVA133

Cargo/GA Gates are free! Enjoy!
Cargo Gate 1: @BadPlane MD11 to KCLT, NCS003
Cargo Gate 2: @Lil_Qaz 77F to KSFO, UPS 562
Cargo Gate 3: @Adam_Goodman 77F to EDDF, Lufthansa Cargo 362
Cargo Gate 4:

GA01: @Helicopterzzz TBM-930 to KDFW, Awaiting Callsign
GA02: @Thunderbolt BBJ to KDAL, Awaiting callsign.

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Does aa operate kaus-kmsy IRL? I’ve never heard of this route

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No, I put it there instead of Southwest because they operate multipule flights to the same destination. If you want another route there, I can put it there.

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No I was just wondering. I don’t mean to remove any routes

Well, any other routes you seem interested in? They’re 100% off.

Can I take d12 to Atlanta please?

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The real route is a BAW B787, which we don’t have.

Sorry thought it was starting at 4 not 2pm edt…

Sure thing!

I can move it up. I was thing about moving it up anyway.

Wait but IF has a ba 787

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If you move it up to at least 2000 z I can join but I suggest you move the event to Sunday or Saturday (I’m only available from 2000z ish on Sunday ) to get more attendees

In IF, theres the BAW 787-9 and -10, but not the -8, which flies this route IRL

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Can I have the Southwest Airlines to BNA

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Sorry, I thought it was on a Saturday.

It’s moo day

Dibs on my first gate if I can come

Alright, changed it to saturday.

Sure thing. Which one?

@Big_Elijah @snoman @anon45500775 I need a callsign

Is it okay if I use the 787-9???

Also what day is the Saturday at?