[CLOSED] 15APR23 / 1300Z & 15APR23 / 1700Z - Plane Spotting Sessions RETURN! @KBOS

Plane Spotting Open Call at Boston Intl Airport

Hello everyone! I’ve kept you radio silent for quite long time but I’ve been working around my schedule so I can resume our beloved spotting sessions. I really missed creating content with you and having fun flying. It’s been almost a year since our last session, and let this one mark the beginning of a new era with the restart of weekly events and video releases! Since a lot time has past and a lot of things have been added to Infinite Flight, please come join me on my Discord server and write down your airport requests or features you may want to see next on my channel (link below at the end). Let me remind you the subscription terms :) Simply write in comment you desired route and make sure you mention your AIRCRAFT, CALLSIGN and ROUTE. See attached a FlightRadar24 link that will help you choose a realistic route and aircraft either in or out of the airport. Your sign ups will be monitored by me and @Dom_Stewart who will be working with me to ensure our events run as smooth as possible. Feel free to reach out to him for any questions. As always I also created a board with some personal selection of routes that I would love to include in the video but feel free to pick whatever you like! See you all soon!



Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
jetBlue Phoenix (KPHX) Boston (KBOS) BSC3 @J1ngJ1ngs
Delta Washington (KDCA) Boston (KBOS) E190 @Apple_Haye
Qatar Doha (OTHH) Boston (KBOS) A359 @Dom_Stewart
jetBlue New York (KJFK) Boston (KBOS) E190 (Blueprint) @manburgu
Virgin Atlantic London (EGLL) Boston (KBOS) A333 @if.minas
Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) Boston (KBOS) E175 @Kostas_K
American Las Vegas (KLAS) Boston (KBOS) A321 @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX
Emirates Dubai (OMDB) Boston (KBOS) B77W @GladiatorAlpha
British Airways London (EGLL) Boston (KBOS) A388 @JetSetBOS
United New York (KEWR) Boston (KBOS) A320


Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
Delta Boston (KBOS) Amsterdam (EHAM) A333 @HerrMrSir
Turkish Airlines Boston (KBOS) Istanbul (LTFM) A359
jetBue Boston (KBOS) Detroit (KDTW) E190 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
jetBlue Boston (KBOS) San Diego (KSAN) A321 @Butter575
Lufthansa Boston (KBOS) Frankfurt (EDDF) A333 @NiklasFrankfurt
jetBlue Boston (KBOS) Raleigh Durham (KRDU) BCS3
American Boston (KBOS) London (EGLL) B772 (One World) @Jayknowstheway
Southwest Boston (KBOS) Baltimore (KBWI) B737 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
KLM Boston (KBOS) Amsterdam (EHAM) A333 @United403
Air France Boston (KBOS) Paris (LFPG) A359 @aviator_ahmad


The event will have to windows to try and give a chance to people in different timezones. Each window will last for one hour :)

Saturday, April 15, 2023 1:00 PMSaturday, April 15, 2023 2:00 PM

Saturday, April 15, 2023 5:00 PMSaturday, April 15, 2023 6:00 PM

ATC Controllers

Join my Discord here: The Virtual Spotter | Kostas K


Doing this for sure, huge fan of your realistic videos!

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Sure thing! You are signed up :) See you there

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Id like the Emirates | OMDB | KBOS | 777W. And expect to be landing in the second spotting window.

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Amazing! Thanks for signing up :)

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Always a pleasure

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please this one for me ;)

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Hey there Kostas, I’m really excited for the return of your spotting events!! I’ll be taking La Guardia - Boston with the JetBlue E190 blueprint, first wave. Thanks and have an amazing day!

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please and ty

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I’ll take this please :D

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Finally!!! Kostas is back.
I’ll be taking the Lufthansa A346 from Munich. I’ll be arriving in the first wave. Thankyou 🙏


DEP: Emirates 777-300ER → DUBAI Callsign: EK238

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Finally able to attend one of these!

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I’ll take this please Thanks!

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Got you for this

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I will do DUB-BOS Aer Lingus A330-300 cause i see my first choice taken, 2nd group callsign of G-Cali

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Hey there! You can still fly from New York. @IF_Jordan will fly from KLGA and your first request is a departure from KJFK :) I added you temporarily on the JFK - BOS route but let me know if you prefer to do that one or the A333 one

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@if.minas @IF_Jordan @United403 @Butter575 @British_Aviator_YT @MANDELA @Jayknowstheway @NiklasFrankfurt You are all signed up! Thanks so much guys and good to see some regular returning flyers :)


I would like to do this flight in the first window please.

I’ll do this second window please