(Closed)12NOV20 / 2000Z - United 777-300ER Group Flight @ KSFO to YSSY


  • United 777-300ER:


10:00PM Manila UTC

  • Expert:

  • Flight plan will be told before flight pls spawn 5 minutes before flight gates will be at international terminal thx for joining:

Which time zone will this be in? I recommend using this feature: 2020-11-12T13:57:00Z

I will be changeing that right now

Will be UTC

Hello there @Adhan.
It looks like this groupflight is going to be happening in 6 hours or so. As per the #live:groupflights rules which you can find here the flight MUST happen within 3 hours of posting.

Please refer to this topic in the future. Thanks

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This is posted under #live:groupflights way too early. If it’s gonna be at 2000Z, then this is about 6 hours in advance. Should be 3 hours in advance. If time is wrong, make sure to change :) (Edit: Look at what @Zhopkins posted. It will help)

Hello thx I will put this topic again next time bye

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Can a mod close this topic?

I’ve flagged it. Should be closed soon.

Flagged it for ya.

Tysm :) will u join when I re post?

Sorry. I’m doing KDEN-KJFK at 2030Z. Lmk about any other flights though! I’d be willing to participate in the future. It looks like a good flight. Wish u all the luck!!!

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Sure I will be makeing a Xmas event so yea ty

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I’ll highly consider tagging along :)

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U have any idea for a airport for the Xmas event?

Maybe MMUN? It’s a nice tropical location. Or maybe Chicago.

Thx for the suggestion

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