[CLOSED] 09APR22 / 1000Z & 09APR22 / 1800Z - OPEN CALL Plane Spotting @KSEA

Plane Spotting in Seattle Tacoma Intl KSEA | Expert Server

Hello everyone! The demand is high for Seattle and Vienna on my Discord Server and this week i’m spotting in Seattle with Vienna coming next Friday! I want to remind you once again in order to get featured you need to keep your ROUTE and AIRCRAFT selection realistic! Write me down below your desired ROUTE, AIRCRAFT and CALLSIGN and claim your spot asap! Looking forward to seeing you all there!



Airline Departure (ICAO) Arrival (ICAO) Aircraft Pilot
Virgin Atlantic London (EGLL) Seattle (KSEA) B789 @Kostas_K
British Airways London (EGLL) Seattle (KSEA) B78X @Dom_Stewart
Delta Amsterdam (EHAM) Seattle (KSEA) A339neo @mkafula
China Airlines Chicago (KORD) Seattle (KSEA) B744
Delta Honolulu (PHNL) Seattle (KSEA) A333 @GenAv_IF
Air Canada Vancouver (CYVR) Seattle (KSEA) DH8-Q400 @Avaitor1
Alaska Airlines San Francisco (KSFO) Seattle (KSEA) B739 @Kidlat
Asiana Dallas (KDFW) Seattle (KSEA) B744
Delta Los Angeles (KLAX) Seattle (KSEA) B739 @RyMan
Southwest Denver (KDEN) Seattle (KSEA) B738
Emirates Dubai (OMDB) Seattle (KSEA) B77W @CptSwede
Delta Atlanta (KATL) Seattle (KSEA) B752 @Huckabee9325
Southwest Las Vegas (KLAS) Seattle (KSEA) B737 @skye
American Sharlotte (KCLT) Seattle (KSEA) A321-200
Frontier Denver (KDEN) Seattle (KSEA) A320-200
Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) Seattle (KSEA) BCS3 @30AR
United Houston (KIAH) Seattle (KSEA) A320-200
Japan Airlines Tokyo (RJAA) Seattle (KSEA) B789 @JV_Souza
Qatar Doha (OTHH) Seattle (KSEA) B77W @TMAC
Lufthansa Frankfurt (EDDF) Seattle (KSEA) A333 @THEREALPROPILOT


Airline Departure (ICAO) Arrival (ICAO) Aircraft Pilot
Southwest Seattle (KSEA) Las Vegas (KLAS) B737
FedEx Seattle (KSEA) Memphis (KMEM) MD-11 @ILIKEFOOD
Delta Seattle (KSEA) Orlando (KMCO) B752 @Huckabee9325
Alaska Seattle (KSEA) Tampa (KTPA) B739
EVA Air Seattle (KSEA) Taipei (RCTP) B78X @Ikaika_Boi808
United Seattle (KSEA) Chicago (KORD) B739
Air France Seattle (KSEA) Paris (LFPG) B78X
Westjet Seattle (KSEA) Calgary (CYYC) DH8-Q400
JetBlue Seattle (KSEA) New Yokr (KJFK) A321-200
Volaris Seattle (KSEA) Guadalajara (MMGL) A319-100
Aeromexico Seattle (KSEA) Mexico (MMMX) B737
Southwest Seattle (KSEA) Sacramento (KSMF) B738
Alaska Seattle (KSEA) Detroit (KDTW) B739 (Virgin Livery) @Chad_Burgi1
Singapore Seattle (KSEA) Vancouver (CYVR) A359 @LeeAviationYT
Delta Seattle (KSEA) Amsterdam (EHAM) A339neo @GLITCH_GAMES
Spirit Seattle (KSEA) Las Vegas (KLAS) A321-200 @Elijah_Robinson
Iceland Air Seattle (KSEA) Reykjavik (BIKF) B752 @MiglMicheal
Alaska Seattle (KSEA) Washington (KDCA) B738 @AA_MIA
Southwest Seattle (KSEA) Oakland (KOAK) B738 @vur_a
Cargolux Seattle (KSEA) Luxembourg (ELLX) B744F @DaDoggRoss

Spotting Schedule


April 9, 2022 10:00 AMApril 9, 2022 11:00 AM
April 9, 2022 6:00 PMApril 9, 2022 7:00 PM

ATC Controllers

Wave ATIS Ground Tower Approach
1 @Rohann @Rohann @Rohann
2 @Rohann @VibrantPixel @Rohann

Great event Kostas! I’ll take the Singapore Airlines A350, Seattle to Vancouver, wave 1 please :).


Can I do this one please?

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will be at wave 1 or 2.

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I`ll do KSEA to KDTW please. Also when do you think the Lax video with come out? @Kostas_K

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Hey,can I have this please? My callsign will be AFKLM285
Wave 1

I’ve been waiting for the next spotting event so happy you’ve announced one. I’ll take Doha to Seattle first wave. I can tell this video is gonna be AMAZING

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I’d like to reserve this one for the first wave. My callsign will be: Emirates 006VA.


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Airbus A330-900neo

FEDEX 816FE: Callsign
FedEx Seattle (KSEA) Memphis (KMEM) MD-11

Hi Kostas I am really happy for the KSEA spotting I am a huge fan of Alaska Airlines and wondering if I can have Alaska Airlines KSFO—>KSEA for Arrival

Hello! I would like to fly in from FRA in lufthansa A330, is it possible? Second wave

Hi, I’m new in this field. You claim the route and fly with the mentioned aircraft and livery? Can you pick your own time between 12.pm and 09pm?

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I may be able to pull off both waves tomorrow.

KATL-KSEA B752 (Early)

KSEA-KMCO B752 (Late)

Delta 3406

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Yes. So how it works, you can pick any route you would like to do from the list and pick which window you will be attending. For example: im gonna do the KATL-KSEA B752 in the early window. And the KSEA-KMCO in the late window B752. Also include your callsign

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Hey mind if I can do this flight with the 747-8 in the first wave
Thanks :)

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@Mayank_Pawar and @JV_Souza you both asked for the same route and @mkafula claimed it first so one of you must choose a complete different route and the other can fly the return trip back to AMS :)

Hey there! Happy you are consedering to participate! I have two separate waves of spotting (one hour each) as you can see at the end of the thread. I’m not spotting through the whole day! Just in the time windows i say. Other than that you can choose any real life route you like :)

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@LeeAviationYT @mkafula @VibrantPixel @Avaitor1 @Chad_Burgi1 @CptSwede @TMAC @ILIKEFOOD @Kidlat @THEREALPROPILOT @Huckabee9325 @SeanAviation you are now signed up! Thank you so much!


Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) Seattle (KSEA) BCS3
May I do this with a slight change. Can I fly the Air Canada special retro livery instead of the normal one? Thanks!

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