[CLOSED] 07SEP2021 / 1700Z & 08SEP2021 / 0900Z - NEW PLANE SPOTTING Open Call @RJTT

Plane Spotting at Windy Haneda Airport | RJTT Expert Server

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Hello everyone! I wish you a great week! Remember when i said in previous threads that i’d like to make a video with some heavy crosswinds? I was on the search for weather forecasts in a few airports and RJTT caught my attention! We will expect 11kts-13kts crosswinds at the spotting dates. It’s not too heavy, i know, but it will be a challenge and i am looking forward to it! Once again, i remind you that for a valid sign up i request you to write me in the comments your CALLSIGN, ROUTE and AIRCRAFT. For both Arrivals and Departures, please stay a bit at your gates if you have the time! Will be highly appreciated! Can’t wait to see you all there!

Last uploaded video: THUNDERSTORM hits London Heathrow! Infinite Flight Plane Spotting | Expert Server | EGLL - YouTube



Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
ANA NH107 San Francisco (KSFO) Tokyo (RJTT) B787-10
British Airways BA5 London (EGLL) Tokyo (RJTT) B787-9
Air France AF274 Paris (LFPG) Tokyo (RJTT) A350-900 @AviatiorMikey
Iberia IB6801 Madrid (LEMD) Tokyo (RJTT) A330-300 @Avii
SAS SK983 Copenhagen (EKCH) Tokyo (RJTT) A330-300 @ariete
Austrian OS51 Vienna (LOWW) Tokyo (RJTT) B777-200 @Merky_AviationYT


Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
Garuda Indonesia GA875 Tokyo (RJTT) Jakarta (WIII) B777-300ER @Collins4486
Singapore SQ635 Tokyo (RJTT) Singapore (WSSS) A350-900 @Zach007
Jetstar JQ11 Tokyo (RJTT) Gold Coast (YBCG) B787-8 @RyMan
Lufthansa LH717 Tokyo (RJTT) Frankfurt (EDDF) A340-600 @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO
ANA NH95 Tokyo (RJTT) Osaka (RJBB) A321-200 @Cityflyer
Philippine Airlines PR421 Tokyo (RJTT) Manila (RPLL) A321-200 @Nathanael_Uecker

You can choose any other route that you like! Make sure it is operated in real life or was operated pre-covid period

September 7, 2021 5:00 PMSeptember 7, 2021 6:00 PM
September 8, 2021 9:00 AMSeptember 8, 2021 10:00 AM

ATC Controllers

Day 1

Day 2

@flybarroso @flybarroso @flybarroso -

Can i take AF274 to Paris CDG? i’ll be there tomorrow 7PM european standard time.

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You’re the first sign up! Thank you, see you tomorrow :)

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Nope but you can check flight details on flightradar and on a replay of a previous flight you can check where they parked :)

thanks and also i didn’t realize it was for arrivals can i change it so i can depart from RJTT?

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Yes of course! In this case you can spawn in at INTL Terminal Gate 112

great thanks so much cya then!

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Can I take the Singapore departure, for Wednesday?

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Sure! You are now signed up!

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Can I take IB6801 Madrid to Tokyo for tomorrow please.

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Will be there tomorrow for the departure!

Aircraft & Airline: 77W Emirates
Callsign & Route: Emirates 119VA, RJTT-OMDB

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I will be there tomorrow for arrival.

Callsign: ANA 850
Aircraft: 787-10

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I will try to come tomorrow! I will arrive in a Lufthansa A359 from Munich (EDDM). Average flight time is 11:00hrs and the flight number is LH714!

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@TwoTwenty @Jxshua @Noicceu @Avii Noted guys! Thanks a lot! See you in Tokyo

Hello! I’ll take this one and I’ll be in Wave 1.

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The first time window is too early for me. But I can participate in the second time window! I will do Japan airlines flight 11 from Dallas to Tokyo in a 787-9

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Airline Departure Arrival Aircraft Pilot
Hawaiian Airlines HA457 Honolulu (PHNL) Tokyo (RJTT) B767-300

for Wednesday between 7:30 and 8:00 zulu.

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I’ll be flying this arrival route

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Nice route choice! Although 7:30-8 Zulu is too early as the window starts at 0900 Zulu :)

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@Angus_flyer @Collins4486 @ariete You are now signed up! Thank you for coming :)