[CLOSED] 07JUN20 / 0600Z - A Tricky Flight @ WSSS

Welcome Pilots to my second ever event I am gonna host! In this event, Pilots will have short haul flight from WSSS (Changi) and will be challenged to land at VHHX (Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport). This airport is challenging and we’ll tell you why…

Why is VHHX a challenging airport to land at?
During final on runway 13, Pilots are required to bank right to get in position for landing because runway 13 is covered by hills that are too close to Runway 13 that it does not allow Aircrafts to have a safe glide path to the airport when entering straight in…

Kai Tak international airport was closed on the 6 July 1998 to make space for a better airport…

Even though Kai Tak is not operational anymore in the real world, we can still fly to and challenge our self to land at the iconic Kai Tak airport

Kai Tak Airport

Changi Airport


Expert Server [changed from Training to Expert due to the votes in the poll]


Departure: WSSS (Changi Airport)
Arrival: VHHX (Kai Tak international)

Time and Date


arrival time is estimated

Aircraft and liveries
  • AirAsia A320 (easy)

  • Cathay Pacific a330 (medium)

  • Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 (hard)

  • Singapore Airlines a380 (DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE!?)

Flight plan

Copy later from @Plexi_Playz (PLEXI)

Flight Time

2:45hours - 3:45


Takeoff: WSSS Runway 20R


Landing: VHHX Runway 13

AirAsia a320
Climb Profile

2500fpm (flaps 2) till 11,000 ft, 2000fpm (no flaps) till FL330 [cruise alt]

Climb Speed

230 knots till 11,000 ft, 300knots till FL330 [cruise alt]

Cathay Pacific a330
Climb Profile

2500fpm (flaps 2) till 11,000 ft, 2000fpm (no flaps) till FL330 [cruise alt]

Climb Speed

230 knots till 11,000 ft, 300knots till FL330 [cruise alt]

Singapore Airlines 777 & a380
Climb Profile

2000fpm (flaps 20-boeing / 2-airbus) till 11,000 ft, 2000fpm (no flaps) till FL330 [cruise alt]

Climb Speed

230 knots till 11,000 ft, 300knots till FL330 [cruise alt]


230nm from destination, -1200fpm, adjust if needed

Cruise Details

Mach 0.80, FL330


Copy from @Plexi_Playz (PLEXI super)

Gate Aircraft Participant
Gate A21 Airbus a320
Gate A20 Airbus a320
Gate A19 Airbus a320
Gate A18 Airbus a320
Gate A17 Airbus a320
Gate A16 Airbus a320
Gate A15 Airbus a320 @Divyansh_Tandon
Gate A14 Airbus a320
Gate A13 Airbus a320 @joty6
Gate A12 Airbus a320 @CaptainAzriq
Gate A11 Airbus a320 @Marcel001
Singapore Airlines a380
Gate Aircraft Participant
Gate A10 Airbus a380 @CaptJJ
Gate A09 Airbus a380 @Param_Patnaik
Gate A05 Airbus a380
Gate A04 Airbus a380
Gate A03 Airbus a380
Gate A02 Airbus a380
Gate A11 Airbus a380 @Plated
Cathay Pacific
Gate Aircraft Participant
Gate B01 Airbus a330
Gate B02 Airbus a330 @Bushi_JPN
Gate B03 Airbus a330 @Canadian_Aviator
Gate B04 Airbus a330 @Ritesh321
Gate B05 Airbus a330
Gate B06 Airbus a330
Gate B07 Airbus a330
Gate B08 Airbus a330
Singapore Airlines Boeing 777
Gate Aircraft Participant
Gate B09 Boeing 777
Gate B10 Boeing 777
Gate C01 Boeing 777
Gate C20 Boeing 777 @FLyboy277
Gate C22 Boeing 777 @DannyHL
Gate C23 Boeing 777 @5ympathetic
Gate C24 Boeing 777 @Infinite_Josh
Gate C25 Boeing 777 @anon28254084
Gate C26 Boeing 777 @Plexi_Playz


Singapore (WSSS)

Ground: IFATC (depending on schedule)
Tower: IFATC (depending on schedule)
Estimated time needed: 2020-06-07T05:45:00Z2020-06-07T07:15:00Z

Kai Tak Internation Airport

Ground: IFATC (depending on schedule)
Tower: IFATC (depending on schedule)
Approach: IFATC (depending on schedule)
Estimated time needed: 2020-06-07T08:30:00Z2020-06-07T10:00:00Z


For ATC/IFATC (if they want for IFATC)
  • Do not troll players and do not abuse your powers

  • Only allow push back according to the gates. (starting from C23 to A21)

For Pilots
  • Follow ATC/IFATC when present. If not, use unicom properly. Do not spam

  • Request pushback only when the aircraft to your left has finished push back and started taxi.

  • Follow aircraft ahead when taxiing to runway and parking…

That’s It! There is nothing else down here other than the 2 poles. Hope you have a great day ahead and join. See you there (if you join)!

1. Should I Change it to Expert Server and use my luck to have IFATC present at that time and date?

  • Yes
  • No

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2. Please Rate this event. This is my second ever Event! Check out my first one: 14JUN20 / 0000Z - Connecting some of the largest Airport Hubs together! @WSSS - @EDDF

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I’ll sign up!


Thank you! Please quote a gate so i can add you!

ill have gate C25 as the B777. Thnaks!

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Can I take a gate? I’ll take the A320

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Thank you for signing up!

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Great! Do more on the training server!

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Sure thing. Some times we will do on training server so people can provide ATC! Or not, we have to rely on our luck to see if IFATC will be available during that time…

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Because I’m grade 2…

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And your events are awesome!

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oh ok. Its your lucky day then! Im sure you can level up soon though! Just do pattern work Lukla. I love to do it there

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thanks for that really detailed post, i’ll keep you updated if I want to join. Hope that before the event SID and STARS will be out. and you should do it on Expert Server ;)

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Thank you! Really apprecitate it!

Okay! Thanks for the tips!

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We’ll see later about the expert server. :)


If your free, i can tell how to do it. just hop on to the lukla airport in training server with me. :)

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good luck and thanks for that event. I never did an event like that and the thought of organizing one is daunting to me

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I’ll have time today at 2020-05-29T15:00:00Z.

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Thank you. Your support really means alot to me as this is only my 2nd event.

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ooh i dont know about that time. Its 11pm for me at singapore that time. Maybe if possible ill hop on. Just PM me!

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