[CLOSED] 07AUG20 / 1715Z - flight Southwest @KDAL-KSAT

Summary: Flight time will be about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Altitude will be FL260. V/S will be 2600 for ascent. speed will be 335 knots. takeoff will be from runway 31R and landing will be landing will be runway 22. For descent V/S will be 1600. For ascent speed will be 250 cruise will be 335 descent will be 250. the fpl is KDAL ROLAC CONRA KSAT. This is very easy and short. Im not sure why the fpl is this short but it is.

Server: Training

Airport: Dallas Love field KDAL

Time: 1715Z

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Mate, make sure to move this to #live:groupflights, as the event category doesn’t accept groupflights.

Also the groupflight must be within 3hrs of posting, but we can discuss that later (if you want).

Asides from that, looks good, but I can’t come because of time zones

Actually events can be made up to 30 days before a flight.

Oh, I thought you wanted a groupflight, but it still looks good! My bad if I was mistaken

Its fine I miss labeled it. It happens

You can have group flights in the events category, the only difference between the events category and the groupflights category is that #live:groupflights can’t be within 3 hours of the event/flight and can’t have gate assignments

Will be there

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thanks mate looking forward to it.

Am I early or late. Its 17:00 and nothing here @KDAL

I’m in now.

I just got in the air.

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