[Closed] 06APR19 / 2000Z | Plane & Pilot: Victorville Boneyard Flyin @ KVCV

Hello fellow pilots!

Southern California Logistics Airport, more commonly known as Victorville Boneyard, is home to Southern California Aviation, a large transitional facility for commercial aircraft. Every year, hundreds of aircraft from around the world are sent there to be stored. These are primarily aircraft that have been retired by major airlines, and are waiting to be sold or scrapped for parts. Join Plane & Pilot on April 6th as we try to recreate the picture you see below, by having retired aircraft fly in from airline hubs around the globe. Each attendee will be able to choose their route and aircraft, and then fly to KVCV and park in the massive lit to simulate the retirement of the aircraft. This will be a very exciting and unique event, we hope you can join us! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: KVCV

Date / Time: 2019-04-06T20:00:00Z


  • You can choose any aircraft that has been retired by an airline, and fly it from that airline’s hub. Please do not use aircraft that are currently in service. A list of suggested routes can be found in the “Assignments” section below.
  • Schedule your flight to arrive at KVCV as 2000Z. You can get an estimated flight time by planning your flight at fpltoif.com

  • After you land, taxi to space A shown on the map below. Please park in an orderly fashion similar to the above picture so that we can be realistic. In the unlikely event that space A fills up, park in space B.

  • Do not despawn until we announce that the event is over on the official PM. It should not last longer than 1 hour.

  • IFATC will likely be present at this event, make sure to follow all instructions or you could be ghosted.

  • The event will be coordinated via a PM sent out 24 hours before the event. Please be present on that PM at all times for additional instructions.

  • Have fun!


To join, please comment your starting airport and aircraft. If you are unsure about what route you would like to do, have a look at these:

Suggested Routes

1.Delta 747-400 from KATL
2. American 767-300 from KDFW
3. FedEx MD-11 from KMEM
4. British Airways 747-400 from EGLL
5. United 767-300 from KORD
6. Mexicana 717 from MMMX
7. Allegiant 757-200 from KLAS

Attendee Starting Airport Aircraft
@PlaneCrazy KATL Delta 747-400
@BadPlane KSFO United 747-400
@Sebastian9915 KIAH United 747-400
@Daniel14 KSFO Continental DC-10
@Andre_S EDDF Condor DC-10
@DiamondGaming4 KIAH United 747-400
@Kian_Abbasi KATL Delta 747-400
@baseball_inferno KJFK Pan Am 747-200
@PlaneGeek KATL Delta MD-11
@Luke_Sta KDEN United 767-300
@GlobalFlyer1 KIAD Continental DC-10
@Capt_Ced KPHX US Airways 757
@Albert_a01 KDEN United 777-200ER
@TheReaperBros_j KATL Delta 747-400
@Rishon_R EHAM KLM 747-200
@A350iscool KMCO Southwest 737-800 (“MAX”)
@ztoastednoodle KLAX American MD-11
@FrankieFremont KSFO United 747-400
@Andrew414 KSFO Continental DC-10
@Captain_Finck MMMX Mexicana 717
@EastCoastAero2ND BIKF WOW A330-300
@zand3r KMSP NWA DC-10
@therealbobison CYVR Air Canada 747-200
@_Pierre_ EHAM KLM MD-11
@JIA_345 KPHX US Airways 757
@Dwane_S KSLC Delta MD-11

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Original idea: @GoldFly

Requested by: @BadPlane

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Photographer: @Starley

Banner photo: http://aircraft.sewaro.us/aircraft-boneyard-sales/

ATC Manager: @Ryan_Vidad

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Ryan_Vidad , @Peter_S, @Mattheus


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I’ll be there! Starting airport PHNL - Hawaiian B767


I’ll be there 747 United from KIAH


I’ll take a gate from KSFO in the Continental DC-10


@Ryan_Vidad @Sebastian9915 @Daniel14 You have all been added, see you there!


I’ll take a gate.
Condor DC-10 from Frankfurt (EDDF)

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You are on the list, thanks for coming!


We might need more slots. We can handle up to 45 probably. Maybe more.

I will add more slots as they are needed:-)

I’ll fly a UAL 747 from KIAh

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Can I nick a spot with the delta 47 from KATL?

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I promised myself I would never fly back to this airport again XD

Flew out of it once after recovery from getting ghosted, hoping to never fly back again XD

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I’ll take a Pan Am B742 from JFK


@DiamondGaming4 @Kian_Abbasi @baseball_inferno I will add you, enjoy your flight!

@BigBert10 You will regret not coming😜


Expert Approach and Tower Ground Atis will be active during the event.


I’ll take delta dc-10 from KATL. Is it ok if i fly after that in a generic dc-10 back to KATL?


I’ll put you down for an MD-11 since Delta doesn’t fly DC-10s.

You are welcome to fly back, just wait until we announce that the event has ended.

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Ok thank you!

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United 767 from KDEN please

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You got it, see you there!

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