[CLOSED] 05AUG20 / 2200Z - group Flight American Airlines @KORD to KDFW

Summary: Short flight 1-2 hours KORD-KDFW American Airlines 787-9 Altitude will be FL380 V/S will be 2200


Airport: KORD

Time: 2100Z


Hey! Sounds like a cool idea but you might wanna have a look at this and other events in this category.

Thanks for understanding!

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Is this better?

You don’t have to put the destination airport in the title, I’m just implying that most events in the category are more organized and have more things in them, take mine for example:

You’ll find available gates, photos, and general info on the event. Also, point to point events have altitude, V/S, and a FPL included.

Ok that makes more sense i will do that for the next one but edit this one to make it have V/S and Altitude.

Hi, Cya there at the stream! Nice flight idea, we’ll have a good one!

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Ok cya there it will be fun.

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It sure will!

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