[CLOSED] 03AUG21 / 1900Z & 04AUG21 / 1000Z - VIDEO Plane Spotting Call @LGAV

Plane Spotting Schedule in Athens LGAV | Expert Server

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Hello everyone and have a great week! Athens is in the peak of the summer season and travel demand is higher than any other time of the year in Greece! With extreme temperatures hitting the country by tomorrow it is time for another ‘‘Heatwave’’ video! Once again i will give a few suggestions for departures and arrivals but you can choose any other route you would like to operate and exists in reality. If you are not familiar with the airlines that fly in Greece follow the link bellow to get guidance. To sign up, simply comment on this post mentioning your Callsign, Route and Aircraft! Thank you for your love and looking forward to seeing you in Athens!

Suggested Routes

Arrivals (Long Haul)

Airline Origin Destination Aircraft Pilot
Scoot TR712 Singapore (WSSS) Athens (LGAV) B787-9 @Rifz
Delta DL202 New York (KJFK) Athens (LGAV) A330-300 @Angus_flyer
United UA982 Washington (KIAD) Athens (LGAV) B787-9
American AA334 New York (KJFK) Athens (LGAV) B777-200ER @Anyinsah
Delta DL148 Atlanta (KATL) Athens (LGAV) A330-300 @JUSTAPILOT73
Air Canada AC898 Montreal (CYUL) Athens (LGAV) B777-300ER @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL

Arrivals (Short/Medium Haul)

Airline Origin Destination Aircraft Pilot
British Airways BA622 London (EGLL) Athens (LGAV) A321-200 @samory167
Aegean OA909 Larnaca (LCLK) Athens (LGAV) A320-200 @MichaelMetaxas
Aegean A3615 Paris (LFPG) Athens (LGAV) A320-200 @Ainesh_Kumar
Lufthansa LH1284 Frankfurt (EDDF) Athens (LGAV) A320-200 @Planeviation
AirFrance AF1032 Paris (LFPG) Athens (LGAV) A320-200 @Ritesh321
KLM KL1581 Amsterdam (EHAM) Athens (LGAV) B737-800 @Pimpo_Arg
EasyJet U26965 Edinburgh (EGPH) Athens (LGAV) A320-200 @Will_Flyer
WizzAir W64687 Dortmund (EDLW) Athens (LGAV) A321-200 @30AR
Easyjet U25937 Berlin (EDDB) Athens (LGAV) A320-200 @Wesley_Fry


Airline Origin Destination Aircraft Pilot
Vueling VY8103 Athens (LGAV) Barcelona (LEBL) A320-200 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
Aegean OA352 Athens (LGAV) Santorini (LGSR) A320-200 @Angus_flyer
Swiss LX1843 Athens (LGAV) Zurich (LSZH) A321-200 @A320_Flyerboy19
Turkish TK1846 Athens (LGAV) Istanbul (LTFM) B777-300ER @Captain_Sid
SAS SK1834 Athens (LGAV) Stockholm (ESSA) A320-200 @30AR
Alitalia AZ719 Athens (LGAV) Rome (LIRF) A321-200 @AviatorRyan
Gulf Air GF42 Athens (LGAV) Bahrain (OBBI) A321-200 @HUMVEE

These routes are just a suggestion! You can fly any other route you want that exists!

Spotting Schedule

August 3, 2021 7:00 PMAugust 3, 2021 8:00 PM
August 4, 2021 10:00 AMAugust 4, 2021 11:00 AM

ATC Controllers

1st Window

ATIS Ground Tower Approach Departure
@David_Mullen @David_Mullen @David_Mullen @MJP_27 @MJP_27
2nd Window
ATIS Ground Tower Approach Departure
@flybarroso @flybarroso @flybarroso - -

MEA - ME252 - A321 - Beirut take off time would be 1015Z

Hey there! There isn’t MEA livery in the app unfortunately! Any other route you’d like to have?

erm there is on the A321

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middle east airlines

LOL you are right! Sorry! So you will fly in the second window?

yep, i will.

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Great! Thank you! See you there :)

I will try to arrive at first window tomorrow on 777 from Moscow Sheremetyevo.

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just to say i will be taking off from athens

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I will be inbound with this route tomorrow. Departure time 1700Z.

Ok so you want Zurich to Athens, correct?

Ok great 👍 Thank you

This one plz

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Ok I signed you up! Thank you 🙏🏻

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@Kostas_K hey mate! I will be departing out to Larnaca LCLK with the Aegean A320. My callsign will be Aegean 790VA. I have an AFKLM event tomorrow and my ETA is 19:00Z so I think I will make it. If I won’t make it due to my event, I will definitely do this flight on Wednesday at around 10:00-10:30Z

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Welcome Kostas!

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Will be inbound from Dubai tomorrow! (Emirates B77W) My callsign is Emirates 119VA :)

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We do have a MEA livery on the A321 actually :)

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American airlines don’t have the 777-200LR. its the 777-200ER

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